Nightborne quest not showing up

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So I just got insurrection done, and I hit exalted today. Bought BfA but sylvanas has nothing for me.

Do I have to finish The Nighthold: Lord of the Shadow Council and kill Gul'dan?

Because Insurrection was given to me one quest before.


EDIT: Closed my game and came back like an hour later and it works now. I guess it needs time to update or something.
Maybe? It seems some Highmountain Tauren Players can’t get their Heritage Armor without completing Neltharion’s Lair. So it may be the same case.
You need the Achievment Good Suramaritan and Exalted and that should be it.

Wowhead has an Attunement checker, on the top of their site choose Tools and go into the dropdown list click on Legion Attunements input your Realm and Name and you will see what you need.

I looked and it seems you have not completed all the Suramar story chains.
EDIT: Works now I edited my main post.
Glad you got it working, enjoy your Nightborne.

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