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I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times. I love this guild. Events are always a blast. Last thursday we spent the entire night laughing until we cried. I've not had this much fun in WoW in a looong time.

This is a family.

And there's exciting stuff on the way! So much exciting stuff planned!
I've had the honor of watching this guild flourish into something absolutely fantastic since I joined months ago. All these events, the community, the extensive storylines we've completed -- this guild has had me laughing and crying along with the wonderful things everyone writes and puts together.

I've been playing for over a decade, but being with the Agents has been the greatest experience I've ever had in WoW, and I could not be happier to call myself an Agent of Suramar. It's fun, and the community and friends I've made is absolutely amazing, I couldn't be more grateful to be alongside such folks.

We have SO MUCH more planned, I can't wait to see it come to fruition, and to share what we have in store with others. If you need an active nborne RP guild, this is the place for you, I assure you. I do not regret a single second spent here.
Good morning, WrA!

*Sips coffee*
Got an awesome storyline starting up this week! Can't wait!!
great group of people. understanding, imaginative, fun, honest, and most of all, ALL NIGHTBORNE!!!!!!! lol

i know it sounds silly to have a "one race only" type of guild but to be honest this guild does it ON POINT. even if your just curious about the nightborne or a seasoned vet (that was chopping at the bit for blizz to get there act together lol). Then this is the guild for you. Hit Loviattar up with an ingame mail or just wait till she is on. Fantastic guild once again and finally a reason to play horde again FOR THE HORDE!!!!!
In the nearly ten years I have played this game, I have never had more enjoyment than I have with the Agents of Suramar. The amount of dedication that our GM, Harleena, and my fellow officers put into creating quality storylines and events is awe inspiring and truly blows me away each and every time. Since the creation of the guild, many main and sub storylines have been planned and executed, and as stated above, has tugged at heartstrings or tickled funny bones.

We take great pride in the fact that we are a very tight knit guild. No one should feel excluded within our ranks, as each Agent is seen as his/her own unique and special character who has been given the chance to develop and be involved. In other words, Agents are not simply 'another face in the crowd,' but, rather, they have importants and lasting roles within the guild. We have been able to do this well through our Agents Academy, which allows each Agent to pick from four different areas of concentration (Tactical, Magic, Healing, and Trade) to begin taking classes underneath an instructor. The points accumulated from attending events can be spent in array of ways, such as buying items at the Agents Emporium and ranking up in one's respective AoC. An Agent simply decides what and how they want to flesh out their character and act accordingly.

The Agents of Suramar is more than just a guild for me, personally. Rather, each and every person is considered a close friend of mine. Because we are a tight knit guild, each character within is known by the other members. We are all heavily involved in the guild's Discord, discussing lore, our OCs, and upcoming story arcs, as well as shooting the breeze and having fun together. I am so appreciative and thankful to know each and every member. Having served as one of the guild's officers/Deputy Directors with the title of 'Ambassador' has been a wonderful experience for me. I take great pride in serving and representing such a fantastic guild with such lovely members.
Looking forward to the new expansion next week! We're going to have leveling and pve groups going right off the bat when it lands. We also have some interesting RP events and storylines planned for the future.

For Suramar!
Having a guild while going into an expansion is one of the best parts of playing WoW, at least in my opinion. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends to head into BFA with.

So far we've enjoyed the expansion quite a bit, and have found numerous places to RP and enjoy the zones.

As always we are continuing to recruit more Nightborne into our ranks, to help us in our efforts in the current war. We will soon find ourselves in the thicket of this conflict, and will need all the help we can get!

Apply Today! =]
One day I will be 120... but it is not this day!

Who needs to level when you have fun RPs and folks to hang out with?
Always looking for more folks interested in Shal'dorei rp! We have a mix of rp for every type of player! Currently we have a guild storyline in progress and another about to begin.
We're always recruiting! The storylines and plot being built up together by our members is absolutely thrilling. AoS is literally the only reason I'm still subbed to this game, I love every second I spend with these folks!

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