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Emerald Dream
What kind of spots are you looking to fill for your raid group(s)?
Update: We are now 11/11 Heroic ABT. @rodahn I believe we currently have a few spots open for heals and dps. Speak to Fvzzy in-game if you have questions. =)
Recently returned to a dead guild after taking a break in 7.2. Still trying to catch up with everything and find a guild. I'll be hitting u guys up in game.
I would be interested in raiding with you guys if you need melee dps. I tried whispering you but, you were not on. I should be pretty much on the rest of this evening.
Join Join!!!!
You guys sound perfect for me. I am a guildless Tauren just trying to make his way in the world

I'll whisper one of y'all tonight

(Elemental Shaman. Willing to Roll Heals as well for the group)
Bumpity bump in the bump!
b u m p!!!
Lorlathil belongs to the crusade brother.

Eat your taters in Dalaran.
I'll eat my taters where I damn well please! They're tastier in Lorlathil.

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