What motivates you to progress in WoW?

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For me it's always been PvP. Be it world pvp or bg's. It's the only reason I ever really do pve, but in legion that has been stripped away.

There was nothing better than getting a new sword and going to dunk on kids with no gear in bg's, I miss that, and it's probably why I don't really do much in legion.

Bring it back blizz!
Well at first back in vanilla getting to max level. Then in tbc to lich king raiding and gear. Then from cata to panda was acquiring obscene amounts of gold playing the auction hall. Draenor to present only mounts.

Leveling sucks, raiding blows, gear is pointless, you can just buy gold now, never cared for pvp and there hasn't been a new mount achievement in years. Seems I'm at the end of the rope.
I am usually chasing gear.
Rewards, plain and simple.
I like progression, I love feeling like I am getting more powerful and Legion has made that possible for me since I can do Mythic+ instead of hoping I can get into a heroic raid that requires AOTC :p (nothing wrong with the req, just hard to get in when you don’t have it).
Pre Cata it was just having fun. Then I quit and only came back cause mogs.

Whether Elite sets or PvE stuff like Mage Tower...when limited time items come out that I like, that's when the sub activities and the grind begins.
Rewards better than the stuff I have at the moment and worth the effort expended to obtain them and not RNGebus based.

Was why I really loved honor / conquest pvp gearing, was always more better gear to work towards every time a season ended and also decent gear at any point to do open world stuff which now would be WQ's and invasions.

With guildies the gear was fine for instances to, though pugs would pick at players wearing pvp gear as if the mobs / bosses weren't dying fast anyway.

The problem with WQ etc now is that by the time you see like a 880 ilvl drop you are probably 910 + geared and it really isn't worth the effort to go do them except for a rep gain or emmisary chest chance at a legendary item etc
Keystone double master plus 20 done in time.

I can only dream.
Bigguh numbiz.

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