Father and Son team looking for a pvp guild

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My son and I are getting ready to pre-purchase and with doing that we'll want to boost toons on a pvp realm. Trying to find a guild on a pve realm just isn't really happening and raiding is extremely secondary to us. He will probably be boosting a warrior, and I'm undecided between mainly a mage or a shaman. We're open to Ally or Horde but leaning more towards Ally as we think being Void Elves could be interesting.

Important Factors were looking for:
1) Respectfulness - I know its WoW, but looking for minimal profanity
2) Planned PvP events
3) Preferably a realm on CST
4) Team atmosphere

If you got it all, please add me on Battletag and pst me!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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