Can’t go to Argus on boost

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I can’t find the broken shore scenario... I have been to the broken shore... picked up some quest... did other quest and also a few missions in the scout map hoping something will pop... nothing :(

Help anyone? Can’t find anyone that gives me the quest to do (and skip) broken shore scenario so I can go to Argus... HALP!
on the boost i did it just popped up automatically for me on first login.
What do you guys get with a 110 boost?

Curious if you have to do your own artifact or what
02/01/2018 10:18 AMPosted by Eyshna
What do you guys get with a 110 boost?
you get an artifact of the spec you picked at the boost prompt.
This sucks...
It should have popped up for you right away.
Look at the Adventure Guide on your in game panel.
Got it... found the issue... it was together with the quest to go see the new races in oggrimar. Nvm... I’m argus already. Thanks.

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