Lightforged rune appears if item is equipped

Bug Report
I created my Lightforged Draenei without any glowing rune on his forehead. This is one of the options during character customization of creating a Lightforged Draenei.

Today, I got my first head slot item (Kodo-Wrangler Cover - quest item from Desolace) and when I put it on, one of the glowing runes appeared.

Here is the interaction:

Glowing rune appears as soon as the head item is equipped.

If I log out, as long as the head item is still equipped, the glowing rune stays. It shows on the character select screen and is there when I log in.

If I remove the head item, the glowing rune still stays in-game. However, if I log off with the head item removed, then the rune will disappear after logging out. It will not show on the character select screen and will not show on my character in-game.

As soon as I re-equip the head item, the glowing rune is back.

Let me know if you need any more information. I am not sure if it is specific to this item or not as I only have this one head item so far...

Character: Ssigmas
Server: Tichondrius
Race: Lightforged Draenei
Class: Priest
I have the same behavior on a paladin lightforged Draenei I created today. I chose the 5th Rune at the character creation, and when I equip my heirloom helm, it changes to the 2nd rune. Same behavior as OP, it gets removed if I unequip my helm and log out.

I went to the barber at first thinking I chose the wrong rune but when I selected the rune I wanted, the game saw it as my current one and I could not apply it.

Character: Kagior
Server: Garrosh
Race: Lightforged Draenei
Class: Paladin
I also am experiencing this, I did not notice that it was because of the head slot being equipped before. I have one rune selected to be displayed, which shows up correctly if I removed my helm and log out like Ssigmas said, but if i equip my helm it goes back to the other rune and will not change again until taking the helm back off and logging back out.

Character: Agis
Server: Dentarg
Experiencing the same issue on my priest. Rune will be stuck and won't change despite visits to the barber shop, and won't change until I log out of the character without head slot equipped. Rune will return to its stuck form when head slot is reequipped after logging back in. This must be a bug that blizzard hopefully addresses soon, as I didn't really think about my rune choice in character creation assuming I could change it at will! Luckily, the stuck rune has grown on me more than what I intended to change it to.

Character: Suikotsu
Server: Garrosh
Another lightforged just commenting to report the exact same bug as Agis. Even though I have another rune selected it overrides to the default whenever I equip a non hidden helm. A shame because I really like the lightforged helm; even if it hides the greatness that is a spacegoat beard.

Character: Javesh
Server: Dalaran
Race: Lightforged Draenei
Class: Paladin
Here to report the exact same thing as above.

Character: Kashekim
Server: Moon Guard
I’m experiencing the same thing. Just bumping the post.

Lightforged Draenei Warrior

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