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02/10/2018 03:16 PMPosted by Thunderçatz
How about instead of Meta Demo still builds up "demonic power" and once at a threshold can Embrace a demonic aspect draining demonic power. A rough outline could be the following (not taking into account talents):

Imp Mother: Passively increases imp damage by 20%. Hand of Guldan now summons 2 additional imps. Summon an imp to your side every 2 seconds for 10 seconds until aspect drops.

Doomguard: Passively increases your damage by 20%. Shadowbolt now cleaves to all nearby targets for 40% damage. Decrease the cast time of Shadowbolt by 1% every second while the aspect stands, falling off by 3% every second once it drops.

Fel Lord: Passively reduces damage taken by 20%. Life drain now saps the strength out of the target, reducing damage done to the warlock by 10%. Drain life damage increased by 2% every second, stacking until the aspect drops.

Max demonic energy could just be 100 for argument sake.

Shadowbolt generates 4, Hand of Guldan generates 15 (Made a 6 second CD), Imps generate 1 per cast, Doom generates 20 once it explodes, Summoned Pet generates 2 per hit, drainlife generates 3 per tick.

Would also assume the demonic aspects can be switched between each other until energy reaches 0. Energy would degrade increasingly just as Shadow Priests do.

I know it is not the perfect outline and also goes away from the swarmer type and instead revolves around a Stance Dancing mechanic. Do not often play Lock myself anymore because yes... the demonic empowerment spam made warlock no longer fun for me.

Hate me if you want, but I enjoyed the Meta playstyle to an extent with abilities changing and becoming more powerful as you changed forms. I think a stance dance playstyle could offer Demo the fantasy of embracing and using different demonic creatures power while still having a engaging gameplay with different stances.

That... could actually be a good compromise between the multiple groups of Demo Locks... Meta Locks would have their playstyle back via Doomguard & Fel Lord embodiments... Impology Locks would have their playstyle back via Imp Mother... Those who just want something different would get just that... and those who enjoy the tedium of maintaining DE would enjoy shuffling embodiments to maximize their output.

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