[H|Thrall] 5 6/11M players looking for guild

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We recently boosted Horde toons, and are all sitting around 930-940 ilvl with a couple of legendaries each. Our mains raid Alliance side, on Stormrage, and I am happy to offer logs on request. We are currently 6/11M, and have previous mythic experience as well. We are a pretty close group, just looking for a place to relax from the stress of pushing mythic every week.

We are mainly looking for a guild who is fresh into raiding. Normal or heroic, though we'd prefer to at least end up with heroic progression with the guild. Our characters are: warrior (tank MS), shaman (heal MS), priest (flex), warlock, and myself (heavy WW preference, not against tanking occasionally).

We have semi specific needs, which has caused me to struggle to find a place where we fit best. Our raid schedule needs are Friday/Saturday 12PM EST or later. This seems to be an unpopular raiding schedule for Thrall, at least so far as wowprogress has listed. If your guild raids around this time at all, please let me know.

If your guild raids Tues/Weds/Thurs/Mon, we absolutely cannot fit that into our schedule as those are the days our Alliance guild raids (Monday is slightly flexible).

If you are not on Thrall, but these raid times fits your schedule, please let me know as well, since cross server raiding is not something we'd be totally against.

Feel free to message me here, or on battle tag at Miikö#1452.

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