958 Ret Paladin LF Mythic progression guild

Guild Recruitment
Update: I've found a guild :) Thanks to everyone who replied.

I'm currently 11/11H and looking to transfer to a guild progressing through Mythic. My schedule's flexible and I can raid during nights. I know how to play my spec well and I can provide solid DPS and some utility for the raid group. I take the game seriously while still being able to have fun, and I'm always trying to learn new things and improve. Besides raiding I'm always interested in running M+ or going through old content with guildies. If you want more information you can add my BattleTag or add me on Discord.

Times available & time zone: 6pm - 3am EST Monday - Friday, anytime during weekends (Schedule is flexible)

Faction preference: Horde

Current progression/experience: 11/11 Heroic Antorus

Recent logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/22144740

Contact info

BattleTag - Zaboo#11382

Discord - Jùles#9348
Hey I added you on BNet jjandhavoc#1406

Weekend team here on Illidan moving into mythic next Saturday. Many of us have Mythic kills, the officers etc, Building up a solid group and we have a couple more spots left.
~Tilted Halos~ An alliance guild on Stormrage.

We are a reforming guild looking to grow back into our former US top 150 ranking.

Legion Progression:

7/7H EN
7/7M EN
3/3H ToV
2/3M ToV
10/10H NH
1/10M NH (we disbanded after mythic release)
0/9 ToS on every difficulty- we were on break
11/11N Antorus
11/11H Antorus

Tilted Halos is back and looking to grow our guild again! We were established in WotLK and after taking a year hiatus we are back! We want to work from the ground up, clearing normal and heroic and working on strengthening our core and building back up to Mythic.

We believe in keeping a great raiding atmosphere while maintaining a respectful progression pace. Does this sound like something that interests you? We are open to returning players as well as players looking to not be so hardcore focused at the end of an expansion! Add my btag so we can chat! Happy Hunting!

Currently recruiting:


Bear/Brewmaster Monk/Blood DK/Prot Pally
Arcane/Frost/Fire Mage
Shadow Priest
Ele Sham
Windwalk Monk

Assin/Outlaw/Sub Rogue
Ret Paladin
Enhance Shaman
Havoc Demon Hunter

Holy Paladin

Additionally, we are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec!

Cel#1893 - Guild Leader

We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBTTQ community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp and even leveling alts. It's quite common for people to be hanging in discord and socializing in game! We have been around since Wrath of the Lich King.

Our raid days are Tuesday, Thursday and Monday (if needed) from 8:00-11:00pm server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). We are a RC loot council guild for mythic and personal for Heroic/normal; For more details on our loot system please inquire, they will be explained during the discord interview.

Our GM is me, Celi my battle tag is Cel#1893, add me in game for recruitment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Here is our discord to apply https://discord.gg/RGAWVgG We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire ~Tilted Halos~ raid team, we thank you for your time and interest.
The Bloodborn is currently a Heroic raiding guild that is trying to break into Mythic progression raiding. We have a talented core and are very enthusiastic about raiding, but unfortunately we lack the numbers to attempt Mythic.

A little history: The Bloodborn is a guild that has been around since The Burning Crusade. We started on the server Lethon, and transferred to Illidan at the start of Warlords in an effort to find more players on a high-pop server.

We have earned AOTC during every raid tier this expansion (and before!). We are a close knit guild who help boost keys every week, PvP together, and do achievement hunting and much more.

We are willing to help people gear up for the tier. Voice is optional, but we use Discord and will require you at a minimum to listen.

Guild Needs:

2 Healers (Priest/Shaman/Druid(preferred))
DPS (Rogue, Death Knight, and ranged are preferred classes)

Raid Times
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 12:30am-3:30am Eastern Time.

Contact Info
Battle Tag- Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader)
Battle Tag- Berd#11168 (Guild Officer)
Battle Tag- Khrispy#1471 (Guild Officer)
Hey jules- if you are considering going alliance, we are looking for a ret paladin. Please add me back on btag (koriwest#1711) if you are interested.

Here's our guild info:

Retrospect raids Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. EST.
Currently 4/11M in ATBT

In addition to raiding, we actively run high keys, do alt runs on the weekends, and have players dedicated to PVP.

We're looking for the following classes/roles:

3-4 DPS (preferably ranged, ret paladin)
2-3 Healers (monk, druid, paladin)
1 Tank - any

We also consider all exceptional applicants regardless of class. To be considered please have respectable logs in H or M Antorus the Burning throne

Reach out to one of us on Btag:

@iKoN#111353 (Amznikon- BlackDragonflight)
@Wynd#1492 (Wyndoor- Skullcrusher)
@Datboi#11925 (Casualtony- Skullcrusher)
@koriwest#1711 (Kuttlefish- Skullcrusher)

We invite prospective guild members for our ~2 hour heroic farm on Tuesday as a trial. The trial is meant to evaluate all aspects of you as a raider, from your reliability, your personality, attitude and how you handle mechanics. We stress personality and attitude- we want you to fit in, and enjoy raiding with you.
Retrospect utilizes a loot council system with the intent that every item goes to the player/class that will put it to the best use. We use RC Loot Council to organize and distribute all loot.
<Dishonored> on Winterhoof Is LF talented, self motivated DPS raiders wanting a steady raid group with a potential of upward mobility and mythic benefits.

Main team 5/11 Mythic Tu,Wed,Th 730-1030 pacific.
Second core team 2/11 Mythic on Sat/Sun 6-9 pacific.

Add JordyPie#1970 on btag if interested
Hey there, I'm looking to start a mythic guild on Horde-Area 52 because I'm currently 9/11 Mythic on my main and will be killing Argus soon, so like many people who play WoW, I'm addicted to raiding and want a side project guild so I can continue raiding mythic. I brought a handful of friends who were mythic raiding over to the guild. We're still filling our roster but we plan on full clearing heroic here pretty soon and aim to jump into mythic as soon as we can.

- We're currently looking at 2 nights a week, probably on weekends to start.
- Looking for an OT and Ranged Dps/Healers.

My personal progression:
I went 9/10 M in Nighthold, 6/9 M in ToS and currently 9/11 M ABT.

If you're interested please comment below, or feel free to add my btag below!
<Symbiosis> is an alliance guild on Sen'jin/Quel'dorei focused on semi-hardcore raiding and progressing through Mythic raid content. We are very laid back outside of progression raiding and have a very active group of players at all times of day for mythic+ dungeons and other activities.
Our current Antorus progression is 2/11M.
Our loot is managed via RCLootcouncil. We use Discord for communication.

Our raid nights/times are as follows:
Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-10pm CST

Currently looking for: dps for the main roster
Feel free to contact me for more information: Cyndreya#1336 (battle.net)
Hey there Jules! Our guild (Tactics, 5/11M) is recruiting motivated individuals interesting in pushing content and M+! We'd be interested in speaking so I'm going to drop our spam down below for you.

Thank you for your interest in Tactics (5/11M)! Our guild has been established on Shadowsong for several years, earning Realm First Ra-Den in the process.

We are actively seeking motivated and experienced players that are looking to progress on a nine hour per week schedule. Our guild also hosts a sizeable Mythic+ community, with several players well above 3,000 raider.io rating.

We raid from Tuesday to Thursday, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time.

For us, an ideal applicant is:

- Experienced with all aspects of the specialization with which they are applying.
- Prepared in advance for planned encounters.
- Willing to change specialization, should the need arise, to suit the needs of the raid group.
- Adaptable to changes made to the approach of a raid encounter.
- Active outside of raid nights, such as through farming Mythic+ dungeons.

Feel free to contact the following Battle Tags if you are interested in our organization:

Blood: Dzt#11245
Impureheals: Impure#1957

Or contact us via our Recruiting Discord: https://discord.gg/yZAmukR
<Not Ideal> is a 2-day raiding guild located on US-Hyjal looking to progress hard into Mythic Antorus and prepare for Battle for Azeroth! currently we are 11/11H 2/11 Mythic looking to go as far into mythic as possible.
Actively Recruiting:
-HEALERS (Druid/Paldadin) Medium
-Melee dps (Demon hunter) Low
-Ranged dps (high)

We will also look at any exceptional players. We have players that are able to class swap. Do not let that list stop you from applying.

Raid Schedule:
Saturday 7-10PM PST
Sunday 7-10PM PST

6 hours a week. Though we will sometimes take extra time if enough are willing to stick around.

We're looking for raiders that can show

We expect certain things out of every trial as well as raider of our guild:
-Show up. We only raid for 6 hours a week so every moment counts.
-Come prepared. Bring your consumables, coins, and your brain to raid.
-Know the fight and know your class. This is implied but should be listed regardless.
-Know when it is time to work. We do love having fun, but we also know when it's time to raid and perform like the mythic raiders we are.
-Be social. We are a guild of friends who spend a lot of time together, doing Mythic+, Overwatch, Hearthstone, etc. People that try to be sociable will thrive in this guild.

We distribute loot using the honor system(we personally use RCLootCouncil for mythic only) We expect you to know your classes BiS and be fair to the group that needs gear.

If you have questions for us, please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to answer ANY possible questions that you may have.

Who to Contact:
-Guild Master - (Yeonsuul mael8675)
-Vynesti (Blindgervee#1196)

Dad I Have Aggro. Is looking for good dps for our mythic progression. We are 4/11m and looking to be top 100 for BFA.
We raid Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night 8-11pm eastern.
We are horde area 52
We have multiple people over 2k and a handful 3.3k+ If you just like to do mythic+
If you are interested you can reply here with discord or battle tag or you can contact me or the GM at
RavensShadow#1211 btag
Raven#2397 discord For me
Hey Jùles, we are <Blue Raid Shoes> [US-Hyjal]-[H] a newly formed raiding guild looking to build our core raiding group to push Antorus progression. We are currently 11/11H and looking to round out our mythic progression team, previous mythic raiding experience is not required.

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 8-11 eastern.

Currently we are recruiting all healer classes as well as the following DPS classes:
  • Demon Hunter: Medium
  • Druid (Feral/Boomkin): Medium
  • Mage: High
  • Paladin (Ret): High
  • Rogue: Medium
  • Shaman: Medium
  • Warlock: Medium
  • Warrior: Medium

We are a close-knit group of long time players who have raided at various levels of competition over the years of playing and are very active both inside WoW and in other games. Our core group of raiders comes from mythic progression backgrounds with our raid lead 8/9M ToS. We pride ourselves on having a great in-game community as well as great community outside of WoW. On off days, we are usually running up M+ keys, doing PvP events/battlegrounds or playing other games like Overwatch or PUBG while hanging out in discord.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to give any one of us a shout!

  • Xorku; bnet KrakenWagon#1421, discord Xorku#0446
  • Carrn; bnet Carrn#1452 , discord Carrn#9487
  • Pew; bnet IAmPewt#1338, discord Pew#6435
  • Gen; bnet Genivieve#11954, discord Genivieve#3248
Hiya Jules, I sent you a Discord request. I work some wonky hours M-Th so it would be the easiest way to get in touch with you, and I'd like to talk to you about your Paladinining.

Our guild raids on Saturday/Sunday if you think you'd be interested in that, and is currently 2M in to Antorus. You can check out our spam below, and accept the Discord request if you'd like to talk more.


Not Ideal
Horde- US Hyjal , https://notideal.enjin.com
Type: Casual, Casual Raiding, Semi-HC Progression raiding

Raid Times:
Casual Progression: Wednesday 7pm PST (10p EST)
semi-HC Progression: Sat/Sun, 7p - 10p PST (10p - 1a EST)

Current Progression: ANT [8/11H], ToS {1/9M, 9/9H}, NH {3/10M, 10/10H}, ToV {3/3H}
VoiceComm: Discoball

Sat/ Sun - Team Morituri
Loot: BiS Priority Need distribution, using RC Loot Council
semi-HC Recruitment:
iLvl Req: 940
Transmog: DaF
rDps : Shadow priest, Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman!!
mDps : Ret Paladin
Tank: n/a
Heal: Druid, Paladin
Contact: mael8675#1365
Can help with faction changes or server transfers for an... *ahem* ideal... candidate.

Wednesdays - Team Lotus
Casual Progression Recruitment:
iLvl req: 930
rDps: open
mDps: open
Heals: open
Tanks: n/a
Contact: BlackLotusUP#1425

Benefits: Rewarded weekly contests, raid consumables, foodstuffs, gems, enchants, Progression BoE contributions

Policies can be summed up as "Don't be a jerk."

About US

Not Ideal is a newly re-formed, transfer guild from a smaller population server. We are a Horde-side, progression-oriented raiding guild. Beginning a little after the start of Nighthold, we were able to push 3 bosses in to Mythic content, and we're looking to go further in to the Throne of Antorus. Our raiders vary from veterans from previous expacs' Mythic content, to new friends we've made who have fled raid toxic raid environments.

Harassment/ verbal abuse is not tolerated. If you are elitist, overly-brusque, or any sort of hate-monger, we probably won't mesh. Don't belittle your fellows. And just to be clear, HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED.

About YOU

. Raid Awareness >= Personality > Experience> Gear.
. Be open to constructive criticism, and have a desire to strive. While there will not be any hyper-scrutinization of game play, if it is noted that your gear itemization is ill-focused or you have poor uptime on your primary abilities, it will be expected of you to address.
. We are not necessarily looking for someone with similar raid Progression, so much as someone with compatible gameplay and personality. If you're a little ahead, if you're a little behind - we can deal. You should at least have experience with the current tier in LFR, or be willing to research. Alt's of mains who raid during the week are welcome.
. "Gr'up"s guild, would prefer applicants in their 30's, or mature 20's. Several 40+s in guild.
. Have a schedule that allows for consistent weekend raiding. Understand why consistency and reliability gets preferred seating.
. Understand with a roster of 20, occasionally people are going to have to sit on a fight. That means me, that means you. All things being equal, that means me more than you.
. Comfortable with using PTT if you want to communicate during raid. No one needs to hear you chewing chips, humming, singing, or outburst comments when we wipe. Okay, we might want to hear you singing, but still, no- use PTT.


. VoiceComm: Discord. You don't have to talk, but it is necessary you are able to listen.
. Come to raid prepared with whatever consumables are necessary that are not supplied by the guild. This may include Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, etc.
. Be prepared for whatever progression boss we will be facing. Ie, watch videos, read strats, plan your Talents accordingly.
. Patience, discipline: as we progress to harder content, there will be wipes. Many, many wipes.
. Your time is the raids time, the raid team's time is your time. Be prompt, be early, be undistracted, be ready for minimal downtime between pulls. Children or pets should be put in the closet (or otherwise handled) during raid. Don't waste your teammates' time.
. Come to raid with your mind right - no drinking or being high during raid. Avoidable mistakes cause avoidable wipes.
. Don't be disruptive. If you have an issue, pocket it until after raid to address.

If you're interested in applying, contact me as you will
bnet: mael8675#1365
discord: Y*on#3465
email: yeon.notideal(at)gmail.com

<Deviant> is a HORDE US progression raiding team on Destromath that formed in December 2009. We are a mature guild consisting of players with the average age of 28 with a raid environment that likes to have fun, but avoids politics, racism & homophobia within our squad. We use a customized EPGP loot system modified over multiple expansion to make it fair for both old and new team members & Discord for voice chat. We push to clear Mythic each tier among like-minded players who we not only want to raid with, but also play and speak with outside of raids. Please take a look at our website for more information or contact us on Discord/BNET.
Expectations: 960+ itemized / equipped iLevel & 75+ artifact traits w/ logs to prove your ability.

Legion Progression History:
5/11 M-Antorus, 5/9 M-ToS, 8/10 M-NH, 2/3 M-ToV & 7/7 M-EN
Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
Tuesday & Sunday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM
(Optional) Normal Alt Wednesdays
(Optional) Heroic Thursdays

Visit our website for FAQs & kill videos:
Contact Info:
enceno#1753 on Blizzard App
Aeliar#1904 on Blizzard App
enceno#7514 on Discord
Aeliar#7628 on Discord
We, Diligence 4/10 M NH exp and are in search of skilled players. Also , we are currently 3/11 Mythic in Antorus.

A little about our leadership ;

We, our core, are long term veterans which extends all the way back to Vanila wow.

We don't necessarily expect everyone to parse at 95%+ because we are aiming to be a semi-hardcore guild that want's to progress Mythic content in a timely fashion, as well as Run a bunch of Mythic ++ with everyone.

Also, the current loot system we use is RC LootCouncil.

Raid Times are


We use the standard RC LootCouncil rules which are as follows but not limited to ;

1) Skill
2) Attendance Factor
3) Synergy Based
4) Optimal Raid Needs

Our immediate Recruitment spots are as follows ;

Healers :

Shaman : Low
Druid : Low
Priest : Low
Pally : Low

Ranged ;

Mage : High
Hunter :Low
Warlock : High
Moonkin : High
Shadow priest: Low


Warrior: Medium
Monk: High
Rogue : High
Demon hunter : High
Death Knight : Low
Feral : Low

All exceptional dps will be considered, even if the class needed is not listed.

If there are any questions please feel free to message ;

Jrzo#1414 ( GM )
cambokid#1275 ( Funnest guy ever )
Hey. We are Horde 2/11 M raiding guild raiding tues/thurs 8-11 est if you're interested, let me know. george#1122 btag
Guild: <Nothing Personal> Thrall
Faction: Horde
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday, Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST (We do have non-mandatory raid nights)
Cleared: 11/11H, 2/11M
Recruitment Contacts: Mookey#1535 (BattleTag) Spacebar#1143 (BattleTag) Mookey#2492 (Discord)

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/thrall/Nothing+Personal
Needs: Any mature/exceptional players whose focus is directed towards mythic progression while having fun.
Raid Ready, Attitude Ready
Looking for any exceptional raiders to help us progress!
Short Version: New Raid Team w/7/11M experience lead. 2 night schedule.

Obligatory spam link:

Hey I think we might be a good fit!

<Mana> (5/11M) is a long standing guild on Sargeras that has many members that have been active and raiding competitively since Vanilla. Our goal is to clear cutting edge every tier, and we have a pretty solid history of doing so.

Our raids are a good mix of productivity and fun. We have fun in raid, while still getting things done.
Outside of raiding, we are a good group of friends that are always on Discord ready to play WoW or other games with Guildies.

We are currently 5/11M, while clearing 7/9M ToS, 10/10M NH, 3/3M ToV, 7/7M EN.
With a relatively light 9 hour schedule, our goal is to progress steadily and clear mythic content before the release of the next tier.

Our standard raid schedule is:
Tuesday 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM PST
Wednesday 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM PST
Thursday 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM PST
(1:30 AM - 4:30 AM Server Time)

If you think that Mana is right for you.

Check us out at http://www.managuild.com/
Or if you have any questions contact our leadership:
CO-GM/Recruitment Lonesoldier#1409 (Lonie)
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

4/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. We are very interested in talking to you as we have an immediate opening. =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

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