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Please add me I will not add you from post on here
Made a post from my Boomkin and making one from my Ele shaman (This one is Alliance only) boomkin is Horde only

Hi there I am currently like it says in the search of a Home, I took off two month of so after my guild broke up. I am looking for a Enjoyable raiding guild where everyone is doing there best, Shows up on time for the most part and ready to down bosses. Posted a few days ago but guild that I was talking to didn't end up working out. Plus i was trying to decide what to play for Antorus and I believe unless a guild I like a lot changes my mind I plan to main my Boomkin or Ele

-Raiding History-

Emerald Nighmare 7/7H (7/7M)
Trial of Valor 3/3H
Nighthold 10/10H 6/10M
Tomb of Serageras 9/9H (No mythic)

-Warlords of Draenor-
HFC - Finished 9/13M About 7 months before the end of the xpac and took that time off because I was moving and stuff.
BRF - Did not raid much there
HFC - I did 2/7M And was on a dead server trying to keep guild alive lol.

SoO - I finished with Coalition US 99th
ToT - was doing 25mans at the time and only got 10/12M Was fighting Leishen forever haha
HoF and Terrace - I have the Ahead of the curve for finishing both
Vaults - Same ahead of the curve including elegon mount first week woot woot

DW with 15% Nerf dumb spine and trinkets haha
Firelands we got 7/7 Heroic

I can go all the way back to vanilla finishing every tier all the way to current except for a bit last xpac, ulduar and original Naxx.

About me -
Been a GM/Rl on and off for last 10 years always playing a very high level and plan to continue to do so, just because I cannot raid 5 days does not mean I will not do everything in my power to min max ect. I play this game to be the best but now I am a bit laid back and like to enjoy myself while killing bosses. I do not plan to push world/server firsts but I do plan to log on and not waste a raid night waiting for 1 person to login. I show up ready to raid and knowing the fights. I am always up to help theorycraft fights and raid lead to help us down a boss well as switching toons for whats needs and that brings me to toons... haha

Toons -
935 Gaurdian Druid, 833 Boomkin (Perfer tanking or DPS on him)
934 Elemental shaman (Alliance)
890 Mage (Frost/Arcane)
920 Warrior Tank (Love tanking on warriors haha)
825 Hunter (Not played much into him this xpac)
929 Warlock
910 Assassination Rogue
910 Priest

I usually switch around for what guild needs and can master any toon I have 27 90+ Toons and like to level and gear alts I pride myself on being able to hit 110 and get 920+ in 1 week with pugs and dedication haha.

Availability -
Any day after 5pm Pacific and Weekends times do not matter

loot -
I can honestly say loot is not a big deal to me I gear myself for the most part and when bosses die loot comes out I do not get upset and I am ok with wipes damn you dark animus 100+ Wipes on 25man because locks cannot control pets haha.

What I am looking for -
I am looking for a family not just a raiding guild. I want to login and do more then just raid or when I login have more then myself online. I love to talk and perfer a active guild please! I do pvp a bit but not a big deal at all its rare haha.

If you are interested in chatting with me please add me
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

5/11M Antorus

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
Our Alliance guild <Duality> is recruiting dps positions for Antorus and the future Expac. We are a semi-hardcore / casual guild that is farming heroic and have hopes to getting into mythic once we reach enough people!

*Our current progression*

- 11/11 Normal AtBT
- 11/11 Heroic AtBT

*Our raid times* : Wednesdays / Thursdays 9PM - 12pm EST. With an Optional Tuesday Alt run for Normal Antorus. Anytime from 11pm EST until we clear it.

*Looting system* : RC loot council.

*Server* : Whisperwind - Alliance heavy sever.

*Voice Chat* : Team Speak 3

*What we're looking for* : Being on time and prepared for raids. Includes :
- Enchanted -
- Gem slots filled -
- Food -
- Flasks -
- Potions -

*Recruiting Classes*
- DPS Druids -
- Rogues -
- Hunters -
- DPS Shamans -
- DPS Warriors -
Spec not excluded to exceptional players.

We also do regular group content such as Mythic+ dungeons and hang out playing other games with each other as well. If you're interested we could always use more people that'd like to join a gaming community such as ours.

You can contact me here :
Battle.net tag - Vercross#1411
Hello I'm not going to spam your page with a full ad. We are 4/11 M ABT
and run a limited schedule on Tues/Weds 6:00-8:30 PST https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755706502?page=1
Also have off day runs on Friday / Saturday, check us out!
[H] <Storm> Kilrogg
11/11N, 8/11H ABT
Tu/Th 7-10 PST (10p-1a EST)

  • Currently Recruiting: Warlock, or any decent non-Druid DPS.
  • Loot: Personal w/ Loot Council
  • Chat: Discord (join today and get your very own emoticon! Disclaimer: emoticon will be undoubtedly unflattering.)
  • The plan: Rebuilding our ranks after a long-ish holiday break, Heroic focused for now but you never know! Also happily adding new friends for BFA.
  • We have many interesting sales pitches to catch your eye:

    A tight-knit group since MoP, our raid team is a resilient group of strangers that became friends, and friends that became sneaky bastards who swapblaster you into the fire before pulls when you’re not looking….wait what… Anyway our previous exploits include heroic clears of exciting locales such as BRF, HFC, NH, and ToS. Hardcore! We feature a uniquely "adult" atmosphere, so buckle up (21+ only please)!

    Are you looking for the highest level of raiding perfection, organization, and long hours of dedicated work to get the job done? Well go away we don’t want you. Here at Storm, we just hit it until it’s dead. That’s what you do, right? Let us grow on you...like mold on cheese…sweet, sweet, smack-talking cheese. We feature sass, possibly drama, and sometimes high levels of intoxication.

    Fine print: Mythic+, BG’s, and other fun stuff on off-days. Come for a trial run before you decide anything permanent! View our charter at the website (make a free account) for more about us.

  • Add me at livie#11751 for a chat
  • Or, feel free to drop us a note at www.stormkilrogg.com
  • <Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H) LF ranged DPS / Flex heals for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT - Sat 7pm EST / Sun 2pm EST.

    Hit me up on Kohmet#1597

    Hellooooooo Kritikal!

    <Immortals> is 2/11M recruiting for Mythic Antorus.

    Immortals has been an active raiding guild for just a few years, but we've been raiding as a team for much longer than that. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. We're current seeking like minded people who want to do some Mythic raiding.

    What we're looking for: Players who want to raid Mythic, of course!

    Specifically, we're looking for Heals and DPS. We'd love for you to join us!

    When we're looking for it: Now!
    We've almost built our Mythic roster, but we need just a few more awesome people to get us where we want to be. So many other guilds will fold under the pressure, but not Immortals! Join us and have some fun!

    What time was that?

    Raid times are Mythic Tuesday / Thursday 8-11pm PST
    Casural runs for alts & members that need gear Wednesday / Sunday (Funday!) 8-11pm PST

    Why should I join you?

    Because we value sexy dwarves, we like toast, we play other games together (see Diablo III), we're welcoming, we're altoholics, we post random videos in discord chat (view at your own risk). We kill mythic stuff. Maybe not as fast as the best and fastest on the server, but we'll get there. Faster than a good number! Maybe if you join us we'll get there even faster!

    What if I just want to hang out in guild and level? Do you do other stuff?

    That's awesome! We have some casual members and there's normally someone doing something around. Our main focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, pet battles, PvP, level alts, do old content. We like having people around, even if your schedule or play style mean you can't join in raiding shenanigans. We have some "intro to raiding" nights on Wed/Sun for those who have never raided but want to try.

    You're so awesome, I want in!

    Sweet. You can add my btag (Validas#1299) or our raid leader Skarlettx's (Lakota#1563). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through a whisper. Will love you long time. Cookies and toaster pastries for all!
    So. Hm. We may be a bit too laid back for you? but I've been surprised before.

    Knights of the Flame is a positive and welcoming raiding guild on Greymane/Tanaris. We're a community of folks that like hanging out with our guildmates, encouraging improvement, and downing bosses together.
    Raids are Thursday & Friday, 8-11pm CST (6-9pm PST, 9pm-midnight EST). It is a firm end time as folks get tired and have things to do the next morning.

    Guild runs typically focus on a N Argus kill and poking some heroic bosses dead (currently 8/11H). We also have an alt Normal run Sunday afternoons for anyone interested.. because we do have a lot of alts.

    KotF is a small-ish guild still, but we are fabulously mighty. We'll theorycraft with you, contemplate mount drops, run old raids for transmog, m+ -- ask, and you shall receive. We'll also discuss the various mount pros & cons & appearances. In case you were wondering, Frosty Flying Carpet is way prettier than Flying Carpet.

    Other things: Attendance is good, but family and real life are obviously more important; we do like it when you communicate that you can't make it, though. We use Discord for communication. There's no yelling or name-calling when we wipe, just a quick discussion of what went wrong and how we could fix it. "Same thing, less dying!"

    Interested? I'd love to chat. Battlenet: Cazenovia#1274 or Discord: Cazenovia#4987

    Check us out. We are looking for new members

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