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**Update - 2018-06-08 - Garothi/Felhounds/High Command/Eonar down. STILL in a situation where we need to add a PUG or two each night and that's been the slowest part - we're just looking for a couple more players that can show up reliably.

Talk to me. This is a great group, great chemistry, normal/rational/adult players who just want to kill bosses. We're a little different than most groups and (IMHO) in a good way. Duress#1404**

A small group of us recently made the decision to disband our team ([A] Whisperwind) and rebuild here on Zul'jin. We're rejoining Pandamonium, where most of us have raided in other games for years - truly the greatest (IMHO) guild in the world. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761747363

Our team has been focused primarily on Heroic content - going AotC in all tiers since we formed in the beginning of Legion. Our hope on Whisperwind, was to grow to where we could fill the intervening months tackling a few Mythic bosses but we found it difficult to get above 16-17 members with any consistency. Our goal is to help Pandamonium grow as a guild here in WoW and build out our team to where we'd like it to be.

Our core is made up of players that have raided together for years, in multiple games, traditionally at a very high level. We were an on-tier NM guild in SWTOR back when they actually had content, and would like to add the right type of players to enjoy Mythic raiding here at some point in the near future.

We plan to raid Wed/Thu, 8:30-11:30 Eastern

What we look for in a player:

- Effective communication. We want players that are comfortable talking about their mistakes. We don't judge. We want to know how you died, how you almost died, how you killed someone etc. We want to make sure it's a rep issue and not a strat issue. If you died on a pull, and don't want to open your mouth when someone asks how you died, this is the wrong team for you.

- Macro encounter fluency. If you need to be told when to run to a certain marker on the floor, and need me to give you an interrupt order, this is the wrong team for you. During progression, I don't/won't teach fights. I look at my job as facilitating the progression from 80->60->40->20->kill. The group talks through things, but explaining mechanics is not something we do in front of a boss.

- Willingness to ask questions. We take ready checks literally. Maybe you "think" you understand a mechanic, but you're only 99% sure. Don't click ready. Ask. That conversation is useful to the entire group.

- Class fluency. Play whatever class/spec you want, but play it well. We're not the kind of group that will expect you to play Fire Mage or Marksman Hunter. Play Arcane or BM. I honestly don't care, assuming you can play it at a high level. I certainly assume anyone looking at a progression pull has watched streams/vods of their class/spec doing the encounter.

- Complete lack of douchebaggery/drama/thank-god-I'm-here/mechanics-shmecanics-did-you-see-my-parse/etc. We're a pretty chill group, most of us are at least in our late 30's. We take our raiding seriously - very seriously - but we don't get tilted over pretty much anything except people that try to rock the boat. We're here for fun, and killing bosses with players who have their !@#$ together is fun to us. We don't give people a hard time for making mistakes. Ever. Period.

If you're looking to be a part of a team that has been in place essentially since 2012, made up of normal, sane, competent players who are getting a little bored with Heroic, and want to be part of building up/out a team in a truly great, fun, chill guild, reach out.

I'll make the time to speak with anyone interested, and if there's synergy we can set up some time to run something together. Contact me via Duress#1404

Began talking to a few folks last night, things are starting to move in the right direction. Very interested in getting to know some more people over the next few days!

Contact me @ Duress#1404

@Slashstuck - I'm interested in your guild but am not geared enough to jump into the current-tier raid right now.

I just resubbed last week but have been able to get from 850 ilvl to 923 ilvl when I'm off of work. If you check my account history you will see that I myself have several AotC achievements from the times I was subbed. Without going into too much detail I will say that some things are going the right direction in my life, allowing me to resub and stay subbed instead of the repeated resub/desub tradition that I have been dealing with. I have played since Vanilla and have a very intense love and passion for PvE end-tier raid content and progression. I am very competitive, but I also consider myself pretty chill. I used to raid-lead in MoP and WoD.

If you have any trial slots available for players who are still climbing their way to the appropriate level for raid entry then please feel free to let me know, I am more than willing to server-transfer and devote my time to any and all progression. I can provide more details upon request.

I am currently at work (I am off evenings and weekends) but feel free to contact me on Discord @Cdad#8366 or BNet @Modcory#1440.

If you haven't contacted me by the time I get home from work then I will make an effort to reach you or someone else in your guild for feedback.

Thanks, and best of luck with your continued search!
There are bonus point if you are a goblin or have antlers.
Added a couple new players already - still looking to build up and out.

Note: Please read the entire thread, and associated link. Wasted some time yesterday over this.
Having a blast here on Zul'jin so far - still looking for some more capable, competent players looking to clear Heroic and dip their feet into Mythic fairly soon. We're still in the process of getting some rerolls geared up - (and in a couple cases, settling on new classes) so we have some runway.

We also have a sizable influx of players from our guild coming back to WoW now that we're here, probably starting a 2nd team on Sun/Thu. We still expect to do open runs on Mondays and M+ on off nights.

Please reach out if you're looking for a sane, fun and well run guild that is member-driven and over a decade old, and/or being part of a team that began over 5 years ago.

Is Wed/Thurs progression set in stone?
Hi Garig,

I think so, it's been our raid time for a few years now and while I can't speak for everyone, it's something that works very, very well for me.

Feel free to reach out directly to talk though, as another team is joining us and I suspect they will have a different schedule.

Hello I am seeking a Mythic Raid guild.

Class: Warrior
ilvl Equiped: 975/965
Main-Spec: Tank /w solid Dps Off-spec
Cleared Exp (mythic): 10/11M
Cleared Exp (heroic): 11/11H
Mythic Parses: 90+%
Heroic Parses: 94-99% on all bosses heroic

I prefer to tank but I will swap to dps when needed on a per fight basis.

Here is a link to all my information.

Btag: vvar#1359

Interested in chatting... if the community is amazing as you say.... it would be worth it.
we are still looking for a few more players
I'd like to find a few more DPS this week!

Please reach out @ Duress#1404
Team is almost raid-ready, we are still looking for a few more dps.
Edited OP.

First "team-only" run complete. At this point we're set for tank/heals. Still open for a few more capable DPS.
We are still looking for a few more dps
Very interested in adding a few more DPS, please check out OP for detail!
Looking to add another 4-5 strong DPS, please check out updated OP
Still looking for capable DPS!
Planning on running something tonight, would be a good chance to come with! Looking for a few solid, knowledgeable DPS!
Still looking for some more DPS

The group is really starting to come together. If you are a working adult who is looking for solid play a couple of nights a week, and maybe a third night of some mythic plus, and an all around growing/active guild, really hope you'll consider us.
The question you need to ask yourself is are you a goblin? if not why not? whats wrong with you, they are obviously superior..... oh we are still in search of DPS.

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