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To help us celebrate the milestone of reaching one million followers on @BlizzardCS in the Americas, we’ve brought together several of our Community members who have helped us across our social media channels and throughout our own forums. In addition to the thanks that we heartily offer them for being the awesome, helpful people that they are, we wanted to ask them some questions about themselves and the channels in which they’re active.

Again, a great big thanks goes out to these individuals who are just a small handful of the many, many wonderfully helpful individuals who continue to support our Community throughout our different channels. Without them, our efforts wouldn’t be nearly as impactful. Thank you as well to all of you who have been following along with our celebration of reaching our million milestone at @BlizzardCS on Twitter in the Americas.
OW_Pachimari, CROWDS Participant

Hi there, thanks for taking the time! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been part of Blizzard’s community?

Heya everybody! I go by the nickname of Pachimari and I'm voluntarily assisting the Customer Support channels through Twitter. I'm the current all-time champion of Blizzard's CROWDS initiative, which I encourage everyone to take part in! That being said, you'll most likely catch me answering tweets using my account @OW_Pachimari.

The first Blizzard game I got was Overwatch, back in June 2016 shortly after its initial release. I purchased it on my birthday, and it means a lot to me to have joined Blizzard's community on such a special day! I eventually started helping out around a year later, in mid-2017. Since then, I've been helping players on a daily basis, with no exceptions whatsoever! Can't stop, won't stop!

You’ve regularly aided us and the Community on Twitter by intercepting various questions and also chiming into other support conversations there. What is it about that that keeps you going? Rather, what’s the biggest draw for you in participating in that kind of role?

Some might believe I'm doing this because of the rewards Blizzard offers to those who contribute the most, but in reality they are mistaken. While I do appreciate these tiny signs of gratitude and acknowledgment I'm given every now and then, it really isn't something I'm greedy for. In fact, I didn't even know there were prizes back when I first decided to enter!

What really keeps me going is the immense passion I share not only for Blizzard's games, but for the company as a whole. As a geek myself, I can identify with its core values. I'm also extremely grateful for the enormous amount of people surrounding me, who always have an open ear whenever I'm in need of something. You can even have off-topic conversations with some employees, which is one of the aspects that clearly separate Blizzard from other gaming companies.

Being able to lend them a helping hand by sharing my knowledge with fellow players is an incredible feeling, and something I'd never want to let go!

Do you help other players in other channels?

Yup, I do! Besides my appearance on Twitter, you can also find me on the German Technical Support forums for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, since I'm from Germany. And while I enjoy all of Blizzard's franchises, those two are my favorite ones!

I began assisting the forum community last August, after I've met one of the German Customer Support representatives at Gamescom in Cologne. They asked me why I was active on Twitter, but not on the forums. Well, just look how that question has changed my way of thinking. I hope I haven't disappointed you, Radathryl!

If you had a magic wand that you could wave at any specific Customer Support related issue, what would it be and why?

That's an easy one! I would cleanse all the connection issues from this land. Those can be caused by a lot of different things, and are therefore not always easy to track down and troubleshoot. They can also be very frustrating for the victim, especially during any gamemode with a competitive/stricter ruleset. I bet no one enjoys losing points or being penalized for something that's beyond their control and basically unpredictable in most cases, am I right?

What a wonderful future that would be! But one thing we need to keep in mind though is that without these kinds of issues, neither me nor BlizzardCS would have reached the point on which we are now. So yeah, please keep your internet problems going... and we'll be looking forward to aid you! (BlizzardCS note: Please don't keep your internet problems going! Then we can have off topic conversations instead of connection troubleshooting ones! ^_^ )
WyomingMyst, CROWDS Participant and Forum MVP

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been part of Blizzard’s community?

My name is WyomingMyst and I'm from - you guessed it - Wyoming. While I have played a little bit of World of Warcraft a very long time ago, I first became heavily involved with Blizzard Games and the incredible community starting with the release of Overwatch in May of 2016. I became involved with Blizzard’s Twitter CROWDS initiative around November 2016. The reason for this was due to the fact I nearly stopped playing the game altogether due to a really weird series of game crashes (which apparently involved my USB headset). However, through patience and the incredible assistance from great Blizzard Game Masters and support agents, my issue was eventually resolved and haven't had a major technical problem since.

During that experience, I noticed in both the tech support forum and on Twitter, many players struggled with tech problems of their own. With the announcement of Blizzard's Twitter CROWDS program, I decided to become more involved with the community and help out where I can through Twitter. This eventually led me to start answering questions on the official forums. Just before Overwatch's 1-year anniversary, Blizzard invited me to become a forum MVP.

Today, I try to spend any amount of free time helping others in Overwatch on Twitter, the official forums, and on the official Overwatch Reddit. Outside of playing Blizzard’s great games, I am studying to become a graphic designer, I enjoy camping and have a hobby in wildlife photography.

You’ve been regularly posting in the forums for a while now. What is it about helping others as a fan that keeps you going?

My biggest motivator is knowing I am making the Overwatch community a better place and that is my goal. My biggest rewards are when players thank me when I provide them the solution that fixes their problem, or when they had a really great match playing with me. In my entire experience of playing Overwatch, I have dealt with practically every single problem a player can come to expect. This includes dealing with repetitive disconnections, confounding game crashes, dealing with toxic players, and becoming extremely “tilted” myself in my own games. I have had to learn how to counter each of these problems, and when I did I came to find that I enjoy Overwatch even more than before. So, I like to think this experience allows me to be a “hero” in our community, just like playing as one of the fun heroes in Overwatch.

I believe every player can be involved in Overwatch, not just play the game. Top professional players are stars in the Overwatch League. There are great vodcasts and streamers who post great content and discussion on Twitch and YouTube every day. Tons of fan art from talented artists, ranging from drawings to cosplay, is being made every day. Of course, there are the developers who make Overwatch the great game that it is, who not only make a great game but take part in our great community. For me, my participation in helping other players enjoy Overwatch feels like the right spot for me and I want to continue to build on that role in any way I can.

Are there any challenges you regularly face when posting in the forums?

Simply put, the biggest challenge is delivering news and information that players don't like. Overwatch is a very competitive game, with the majority of the community participating in its competitive mode. This makes dealing with technical malfunctions a very frustrating experience for players, and it feels disheartening and unfair when the game is required to penalize them for such malfunctions. However, I know these rules to help keep Overwatch a better game for everyone to play. Therefore, I much rather give them the information they need and be there for them to help troubleshoot their problems. This ensures that they will always be able to enjoy Overwatch in the long run.

In addition to the posting in the forums, you also post on Twitter and have helped out there as well. Do you prefer one to the other? If so, why?

I started off posting on Twitter, and I continue to do so whenever I can. However, since becoming a forum MVP, I have found that I make a greater impact on the forums. In Overwatch's tech support forum, my posts appear in the green text that marks my forum MVP status, which of course is Blizzard's way of showing other players that I am a trusted and proactive member in the community. However, I try to search all the forums for questions players have about Overwatch, giving them the answers they need. I also work to promote engaging discussions and occasionally post new topics with my own ideas. If there is anything that as a player I can do make Overwatch a better game for everyone, I want to be a part of it.

If you could take over the Breaking News for our game clients for one hour, what message would you post?

“The world could always use more heroes.”

It was Tracer’s original words when the game was first announced that inspired me to learn more about Overwatch and eventually get the game for myself. Since then, it is my core value when I play Overwatch and participate in Overwatch Community. I think posting this on the game client Breaking News section would be a fun reminder of what Overwatch and all of Blizzard’s games are all about.
MissCheetah aka Mirasol, Forum MVP

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been part of Blizzard’s community?

Hi! I am MissCheetah or Mirasol (WoW). I got into Blizzard games in 2000 with D2, which I was obsessed with. I got up at midnight to play on my dial up where I could get a 28.8 connection! Playing D2 led me to the forums for a tech issue. I got a great answer from the community and lurked, posting as I could to pass it on and help other players.
WoW released in Nov 2004 and my friends encouraged me to play. I was afraid I would be as addicted to WoW as I was to D2 so took it easy. Eventually I ended up acting guild leader of a 40 man raiding guild. It got me more involved again in the community on my server and on the forums. I was drawn mostly to the Customer Support forum as it covered the sorts of questions many guildies and server folks asked. I helped when I could and learned a lot. Years went by… D3 was released and I was thrilled to revisit the franchise that was my first love. There were a lot of issues at release so I jumped in to the Tech Support forum to help – which turned out to be a lot.
A year later I was asked if I wanted to participate in the MVP program. I was unsure about the green target, but went with it. Five years later, I feel a strong connection to the D3 community and enjoy helping on the forums with basic game questions, and in Tech Support/Bug Report where needed. I also still help on the WoW Customer Support forum, Tech Support, and General as needed. In addition, I support Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and even Hearthston during release and major patches when they need extra help. While my role is mostly as a Forum MVP, I have also supported the @BlizzardCS Twitter CROWDS program. For personal reasons I had to step out for a bit but hope to return someday.

Are there any specific challenges you face when engaging with support issues?

The lack of timely information updates and resource updates can be frustrating. Because we (MVPs) are not Blizzard staff we don’t find out about changes until the rest of the players and have to figure it out on the fly. We are also not told about process or policy changes. I wish we had better information access to more accurately assist posters.

What advice do you have to offer the community regarding how to report issues in the forums?

When reporting a Tech or Customer Support issue please read the Sticky threads first for guidelines and current issue lists. Do a search to see if there are any recent posts that match your issue. If there is nothing relevant go ahead and post your issue clearly, succinctly, and be sure to include your troubleshooting results and any requested data such as system information or network trace tests. That makes it much easier for other players or Blizzard staff to directly help you.

We sometimes hear that the forums can be intimidating for players. Do you have any advice for those who might be interested in getting more involved in the Blizzard community?

Fireproof pants? I find that participating on Tech and Customer Support issues, or answering basic gameplay questions is the best place to get started when participating. Factual answers given politely don’t generate controversy or rude responses, usually. The best way to learn the information to help is to just lurk on the forums and read the answers to common issues.
Learn to navigate the website Support Ticket System and Knowledgebase. A large part of what we do is help people find information that already exists. It does not take long to get familiar with the basics and be able to help out your fellow players.

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