Make engineering great again

So this would be cool for engineers to bring some utility back and have some money making possibilities again. Make an engineering summoning device to summon party members. As far as the way we could make money with it, (unless you're and engineer) have it require "fuel" that only an engineer can make and sell. For the engineer they could be efficient with it that it doesn't consume the fuel or doesn't require it to use.
As a class ability (i.e. warlock summoning), I could see an engineering summoning ability being a one time, engineer-only craft. If anything, I hope Blizzard has learned from Legion that players are not fond of batteries and fuel.

I would also love to see an engineering-only set of jumper cables that could be used in combat on the same raid-wide cooldown as class battle rezzes. This would be beneficial for groups that don't stack druids or warlocks and need a second brez for the guardian druid that died while tanking a progression boss.

Engineering does need more non-engineering items however, and I would propose that alchemy and enchanting items that deal damage over time or summon a satyr to deal damage would instead be moved to engineer explosives (still consumable like the potion versions in Legion) or necklace tinkers (i.e. neck enchants) that activate turrets randomly. Alchemy potions and enchants would remain the pure stat increases they have always been while re-sparking the niches engineering had in Vanilla and BC.
"Electro-static Catch-a-ma-thing"... crafted engineering (non goblin or gnomish)... usable on fishing nodes... 3 sec. channeled ability... catch all fish from a pool with a single use. can have charges or a CD... the engineers only version has a shorter CD... 2 for engins 5 for non
What about the dichotomy between gnomish and goblin engineering? I miss that from Vanilla and TBC.

Goblin engineers had a wider variety of bombs they could craft and had less stable but more direct-damage gadgets.

Gnomes had plenty of gadgets with a variety of uses (shrink ray, net launcher, battle pet) and a Death Ray to balance things out against the bombs.

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