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Cairne and Perenolde
I am looking for a guild for my husband and I to join. We are looking for a guild that has active helpful members. Just started playing again so not interested in raiding atm, but will most likely in the future. My husband has played since Vanilla and I since BC. We haven't been active on Perenolde in a while so would just like some suggestions as to what guilds are out there. Any help would be much appreciated!

Mäla & Alzarius
ERMAGERD! Alzarius!! Tell him Archona says hi!


I have no sway in my horde guilds...Rocks is not active (Sadly) and "Tastes Like Burning" may not accept new members, you'd have to ask.
Thanks for the info! I didn't realize it would be so hard to find a "good guild" on horde side. Will just have to keep looking, thanks again!!
If you're on Cairne, check out DirtyLilHorde.
We're a solid group of people, and have progression and alt raids.
We're always looking for more.
We also run a lot of mythic + and have a pretty active discord for Wow and whatever other games we are playing at the time.

I also took 10 years off the game from Vanilla to WoD, so I get your struggle.
Thanks for the info Callo! We will definitely look into this tonight - yay for the weekend! Thanks again!

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