[H] DEFIANT - Late Night/West Coast Guild

Casual late night/West Coast raiding guild looking for more members! Coming back to the game and not able to get on a team? West Coast on an East Coast server? Hoping to start over with a new group? Looking to get in on the ground floor and build a team to move into Battle for Azeroth? We're looking for you! Raid Times are Wed/Thurs 12am - 3am EST. We were 11/11 H in Antorus. 1/8H in Uldir.

Top priority for the raid team:

DPS (Hunter, Shadow Priest, Shaman, Druid)

Non-raiders and Late night/West Coast/Asia/Oceanic players are more than welcome to join us!

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me:
Yoshîmî: Chojin#1912
Bumpin' for the late night DPS!
Still looking for DPS!
I am interested in your guild. Returning mythic raider who can easily make those times. kauna#1920
I'll talk to you when I get on.
Putting the bump up for all the late night DPS/Tanks out there!
Weekend bump!
Post reset bump!
Hey there! Looking to join a new guild. Semi-new player, but I want to be in something a little more social than a random spam guild.
Weekend bump!
Still bumpin' for West Coast/Late night raiders!
Weekend Bump!
Still bumpin' for some late night Heals/DPS!
Weekend bump!
Still looking for some late night healing!
Weekend bump!
Bumping for Healers!
Post-weekend bump for healers!

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