[RPpvp Story] Highmountain Patrol

Emerald Dream
((this is a small write up of a WPVP fight I had this morning in highmountain...it was against a dwarf and gnome from VeCo, going to leave their names out since do not have their permission for it...and made it a bit more fun.)

Time, time has moved so slow since the demonic incursion was halted. Patrols were now just settling disputes, thefts, and other petty crimes, until the off chance you wandered past some long lost demon, separated from the legion command, left behind. The Alliance had been striking even less lately, and he feared the calm...the calm made time pass by so, slow.

Maenn Bloodsong marched down the ragged road that lead to the destroyed town of Riverbend. Alliance looters could usually be found here, ravaging what little was left of the buildings, taking a keepsake home to sell or display. It was wrong, though he had participated in this type of desecration before, he was on loan to the Highmountain to enforce their laws in these trying times.

As Maenn approached, he could hear shuffling inside of one of the dilapidated huts, like wood being pulled across stone forcibly. He stopped, trying to discern how many were inside, before approaching further. Two sets of feet, one light, and one a bit sturdier sounding...if he was to guess, it was the same duo that was looting the cave only a week ago. Not the most tough crowd, but they could be difficult, specially if the dwarf was drunk or the gnome was equipped with some of her tools.

“I sad git ‘he ram,” the dwarf shouted inside the building.

“But the rams are on the other side of the water, you know I cannot swim!” The gnome squeaky voice confirming it was the looters from the previous week.

Maenn rolled his eyes, and sat down, waiting to surprise the couple when they walked out...but he was sure a spat was about to roll out between them. They always seemed to argue and fight. Why even be partners if you cannot get along? He let out a small chuckle.

“Wha’ ‘as ‘at!” he heard from inside the building.

“Probably your brain deflating you drunken fool,” The gnome said. “Now, you push I will pull!”

“Na, somebody is her’,” The dwarf replied.

Silence fell.
Maenn stood up, watching the entrance, and was quickly caught off guard as a small mechanical zeppelin came out of the building heading straight for him.

“Its that idiot elf that chased us last week!” he heard the gnome inside say. The zeppelin must have a camera on it.

“oi, does ‘at ‘hing ‘ave fire power?” the dwarf asked

“Not much, but it might sting him enough for us to get away.” he heard the gnome whisper loudly.

Maenn’s eyes widened as little turrets began to descend from the bottom of the toy, but after the launch of the first pellet, he smirked.

“Might want to fill up the air compressor in your turrets.” Maenn shouted out, “These pellets could not even tear paper!”

The dwarf stepped out of the building, brandishing an ax and staggering. “’ou nosey twit, git outta her’ min’ yer own business.”

“You are trespassing dwarf! These buildings belong to the tribes of Highmountain, not some filthy Alliance thieves.”

“’ou ‘ave no proof.” The dwarf said, and his gnome companion came out carrying a few Highmaul tapestries.

Maenn’s eyes widened and he nodded over to the gnome. “You were saying?”

“ ‘hats ours, we...bought it. Yeah.” the dwarf replied.

“Ah hell with it,” the gnome shouted, and tossed a round object at Maenn. The object erupted into a huge cloud of smoke, taking away his breath, and collapsing him to the floor.

He could hear the two thieves running off.

The cloud was over quickly but he had no clue where they vanished to. Maenn would run into them again, and next time, he wouldnt let them get away
*throws a + at!* good story friendo!!!))
Okay, I finished it -
((I love RP stories about random WPvP encounters. Great stuff, Maenn.))
bump -RPdayis aboot to be here
I am disappointed you were not able to kill these pillagers... these defilers!

Bring one of your small boom sticks with you next time. Grapeshot should make quick work of those tiny scavengers
02/08/2018 08:51 AMPosted by Abrahof
I am disappointed you were not able to kill these pillagers... these defilers!

Bring one of your small boom sticks with you next time. Grapeshot should make quick work of those tiny scavengers
((it was two rogues, and I have 0 raid gear, I was lucky to annoy them long enough for them to run away bein disc and all )
I will keep my eyes peeled for them Mr Abrahof, I have learned a patrol should have more than just me, that was stupid and dangerous on my part.
((Im surprised you were able to survive 2 rogues...))
02/08/2018 09:26 AMPosted by Abrahof
((Im surprised you were able to survive 2 rogues...))
((me too, but still, if they would of waited maybe another minute I would of been OOM
((great read))

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