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I'm currently looking for a new guild to join, i'm new to WoW and i really need a guild to point me in the right direction of where to go. I've been playing since mid MoP but i stopped playing for awhile and my account got locked and I wasn't able to unlock it. I came back during WoD and played off and on until legion where i got my toon to level 110 and my item lvl to 830. I stopped playing because i really just couldn't enjoy it without a socially active guild. I'm very chill and mature but to be honest I don't really know how to play my class. Im looking for a semi-casual very active raid guild that's willing to teach me. Im currently playing on <Stormreaver> and the Realm is basically dead. I love raiding and the feeling of accomplishment when you and your team finish something you've been doing for awhile. My times are very flexible, im willing to realm transfer my character, also im only 17 but i don"t rage or anything like that :).

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