Variations in Experience Gains(Dungeons)

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There is a large variation in experience gained in dungeons at the moment. For example at level 101 if you run Darkheart Thicket xp gains are about 320-400 a kill. If you do Neltharion's Lair you get about 820-1100 per kill.

Even for completion of a dungeon the experience is way off from 78-90. If you do Stonecore you get a guaranteed 1700-1900 per kill, but if you do Gate of the Setting Sun you get 320 xp per kill. The completions are off by a large margin as well.

At first I thought maybe Blizzard does this based on mob density and allows only a certain amount of xp to be gained in any given dungeon, but I was wrong.

Has anyone else noticed the large variations in experience gains?
It could be because there is so much travel time in some of those dungeons. Both of the ones you mention have a large layout.
it's my understanding (i may be wrong, but) that each dungeon is tuned for a total amount of XP on completion.
you both make very valid points. I wonder if there is an official Blizzard response to how xp gains work in dungeons. If so then Azjol Nerub is under tuned seeing that it's extremely short.

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