[A-RP] March 2018 Meet/Greet[contest]

Emerald Dream
This month brought to you by Sons of Liberty and CoCo

Date: 01 March 2018
Time: 8PM server time
Location : Ironforge - Bruuk's Corner (military ward)

Come one, come all, well except the Horde! The Monthly gathering is once again upon us! The beer flows freely, the food is plentiful, the anecdotes are amusing; so it is a perfect place to make friends, learn about the other roleplayers on the server who you otherwise would never meet.

This is a great event if you are just starting out roleplaying. Come watch others, and maybe dip your toes in and introduce yourself to a few people, make some new friends.

Contest will be replacing the Q/A since there is a guild faire coming soon. ((Entries to the Poetry contest must be submitted on this thread. Theme is "A lesson learned" meaning, a lesson your character has learned throughout their life, in poetry form...250 words or less.

((may consider short stories))
1st -50,000g
2nd - 20,000g
3rd -5,000g

Entries -
Stablemare (get off my lawn)
Ambrosette (the hounds)
Aggy (Not Entered due to CoCo hosting)
Keefermodinn (Theselmar Holding ss)
I say Winterspring for old times sake, or burning steps. ((doh))
I say Wintergrasp for old times sake, or burning steps.
WG is so highly phased, we try to stick to lower level zones, so new players can stumble upon it. But will add burning steppes to the other 3 suggestions we are considering.
Yeah meant spring....
Whereever it's had, I'm looking forward to being there!
Interesting. Count me in.
In darkness she lived, to some t'was inept.
A recluse in the home in which she solemnly crept.
Misguided, Misaligned, and misunderstood
Her deeds, though evil, were for her own good.

To draw them and maim them gave her solace and peace.
Her hands stained of blood, a ritual to cease.
Though no power of hers could ever prevent
The confusion and uncertainty of a hearts lament.

She'd cut him and used him, her hunger now sated.
His greaves on the floor were broken and plated.
But this one was different, she'd not walk away
His nurturing nature caused such disarray.

Puzzled; Peculiar; His interest was so.
But her abuse and selfishness caused him to go.
She watched as he left her, feeling lonely and burned,
More wicked than she, was a lesson now learned.
((added you to the list of submissions Stablemare)
Mornin bump
So how hard of a rule is the 250 word count? Lol. I have something to submit but it is a touch over.
02/26/2018 10:43 AMPosted by Ambrosette
So how hard of a rule is the 250 word count? Lol. I have something to submit but it is a touch over.
Um not a book, i wont disqualify things that are on the topic if over length
Well here is my entry. If it classifies as a novel let me know and I will edit it.

To Tame the Fire

Tonight is the night that I empty myself,
Of love, and hope and dreams,
Necessitated by the madness of war,
Of death, and cries and screams.

There is a fire in my veins tonight,
My arrows shall blaze across the skies,
And I must learn to tame this light,
To prevent the inherent burn behind my eyes.

The ghosts of past battles haunt my breath,
From wars that play out in my mind,
As I speak, the last hint of love has fled,
Noticed only by kin and the kind.

A never ending sea of bodies lay at my feet,
Both friend and foe perish by the score.
I should feel some sort of loss,
But I find myself needing…more.

I feel the flame spreading out of control,
The bloodlust sending me in to rage I have never known.
My eyes darken, closing, as I fall down the rabbit hole,
Not knowing how to escape the monster I have become.

The darkness, an inescapable venue for this farce,
Rehearsed by the monsters rooted inside,
Delivering wounding lines deep into me,
That narrate page by page, using my waking life as a guide.

Then something brings me back to reality,
That first touch of his, that chills me to my core.
The sweet fanfare that halts the war, at least for a stride,
To have torture and loneliness, in my life, no more.

I understand now what I need,
This love, this caring, this pain,
It is born of aptitude not want nor greed,
To tame the fire, I look to him by my side.
Updated with your entry Ambrosette
((Entry below is entered, but will not be able to win since part of the event))

We march towards no end,
Neither side ever wins.
Forever fighting with words and fears,
Hurting those we hold near.

Time is not the answer,
Action should not wait.
Grudges long and forgotten,
Held within fermate.

Long the road i've travelled,
rifed with trouble I secured
Hurting those I follow,
Disgracing me more.

Absolution I will seek out,
Though I may not find.
Now all I can do,
Is seek to ease my mind.

I can live with what I've done,
And only vow to change.
It will not be an easy road,
and many will not believe.

I can only do so much,
and hope those hurt do see.
A short story about a lesson learned, that World of Warcraft is an exciting and vibrant universe*!

The jungle was dense, but it could not stifle Keefermodinn's lust for adventure. Axe in hand, he cut his way through the undergrowth which seemed to fill the forest floor of the oasis. The sound of hooves beating upon the earth was approaching, a party of centaurs no doubt. Fading into the shadows, Keefermodinn eyes the beastly horse-creatures with silent anxiety, he waits for them to pass. Upon the sound of the centaurs fading into the distance, He continues to hack his way through the, seemingly unnaturally, thick undergrowth until after a while he stops and his eyes scan the canopy. "Blast..." he mutters under his breath in disbelief. Before him, a massive rock formation cuts its way through the canopy, and at its base is a large, dark and foreboding, opening. "I think we've found it" says Keefermodinn, quietly to himself.

*satisfaction not guaranteed
Is tomorrow!
Whispers as she moves
on horns and hooves

Watching in the flames
of our true names

Waiting under wings
light things
dark things
02/28/2018 07:17 AMPosted by Marquis
Whispers as she moves
on horns and hooves

Watching in the flames
of our true names

Waiting under wings
light things
dark things

Added to list of entrants

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