AoTC Raider LF Guild

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Hey folks--

Like the title says, I'm looking for a home. Preferably a permanent one. A social atmosphere with awesome folks. Ones who enjoy several aspects of game content. A place to settle in and finish off Legion over the next few months and kick off upcoming content with.

Anyway, about me....I have a few toons, but have mained mostly my Druid, Warrior, and Monk for the majority of this expansion. I normally run as main spec tank, and would likely continue to do so. I've hit AoTC on every raid of Legion and want to keep the momentum going in the future.

Mostly interested in 6-9hrs/week and preferably somewhere around 9pm EST. I can work a little earlier, but not too much.

Horde or Alliance, doesn't really matter to me. Whatever place has the best cookies! So if anyone's interested or would like to know more, feel free to hit me up via BTag and Discord. Thanks!

BTag: Silverfox#12254
Discord: Silverfox#1734

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