970 Tank LF Mythic Progression Guild

Guild Recruitment
My current guild situation has changed so I'm looking for new raiding guild.

Raid Experience:
9/9M EN
3/3M ToV
10/10M NH
7/9M ToS
7/11M Antorus

Guild Requirements
  • Horde
  • 6/11M Minimum
  • Core Spot (no 3rd tank / bench)
  • Availability
  • Mon-Thurs 7pm-1am EST
  • No less than 3 and no more than 4 hours/night
  • Hard cap at 4 nights/week
  • Morning raids will only be considered for Sat/Sun guilds
  • Classes Available:
  • Vengeance DH
  • Brewmaster Monk
  • Logs:
  • DH: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/15731206
  • Monk: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/17581122
  • Contact Me:
  • Btag: Keggernaut#1206
  • Discord: Keggernaut#9740
  • bumps
    <Months Behind> is looking to pick up a tank for our current roster.

    Our schedule is Monday-Wednesday 8pm-12am EST

    7/11 M Antorus
    8/9M ToS
    10/10M NH

    Our raid environment is pretty laid back. We don't split run. We don't day raid. Our aim is to clear mythic content while its relevant.
    Community is huge for us. Voice chat is always busy, even on off nights, playing the hottest new flavor of the month game or just hanging out. M+ going every day.

    If you'd like to chat you can add me
    on btag: MortisMaxor#1874 or our Gmaster Rebdull#1533
    send me your offers bois
    TL;DR --- <Divinity> is an ex US #6 guild that has returned with original leadership & members for 2-day raiding. We are currently looking for top quality players for immediate core positions. Our focus is to clear Mythic content at a steady pace while having a great time. If you're confident in your ability to perform well and you’re interested in raiding on a lighter schedule, we encourage you to get in contact with us.

    Guild: Divinity of US-Kel'thuzad
    Schedule: Tues & Sun 6-9pm MST (we don’t extend or add days)
    Current Needs: All competent players.
    Website: www.DivinityGuild.life
    Recruitment Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760618681

    Muk // Btag: Pro#1435 // Discord: Muk#3230
    Ordylleo // Btag: Bravia#1763 // Discord: Brav#5718
    Kuryso // Btag: Keoke#1367 // Discord: Keoke#5039
    hmu fam
    <Coercion> 7/11M is a 2 Day a week Mythic Raid guild looking for exceptional players. Our current roles in high demand are any DPS positions but any players who think they'd be a good fit are welcome and encouraged to apply. The Guild has gotten every Cutting Edge this expansion except for ToS due to a temporary hiatus, but has several players and officers that have.

    Raid Times:

    Tuesday: 5:30 - 9pm PST Wednesday: 5:30 - 9pm PST

    If you're interested contact me at : Btag - Pride#12523 Discord - Pride#0475

    See you in raid!

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