Lvl 110 boosted armor doesn't show in Armory

Bug Report
Level 110 boosted armor does not show in Armory.
Level 100 boosted armor DOES show in armory.

Who - Ursalana, Bambii

What - Armor from Level boost to 110 does not show in armory.

Consequently, my modest character is NAKED in the armory. This is distressing. I LIKE the look of the level 110 armor that I got. But I can't see it in the armory. When I get to char select screen all is as it should be.

Where - Armory

When - Immediately after boosting to 110. I have a level 100 rogue that got boosted from 60 to 100 just a few days before the only boost available was to 110, Redravyn, yet HER armor looks perfect in the armory.

My shaman got boosted from 60+ to 110 and my hunter got boosted to 110 and they both are jealous that they got boosted too late and HAD to be NAKED in the armory if they also happen to love the look of their boosted armor in game.

How - Any steps you took to reproduce the issue
This issue is persistent. And has not gone away.

My friend's rogue, Charita on Whisperwind has the exact same problem.

Charita has just tried to transmog a purple pair of pants (item level 880) that she got from an alt to look like the level 110 boosted armor and immediately, the pants that USED to show up in the armory became invisible. This should highlight the problem to your staff right there. This also means that you're pulling data from some storage related to my specific char because my rogue that got a boost to 100, Redravyn, has a perfect Lightdrinker set that shows in the armory.

When Charita boosted from 100 to 110, her char showed up in the armory with just her tabard.

I went to test whether any other leather wearer could access the rogue Light Drinker set and no dice. OK. I'm fine with that.

I went to another server where I'd parked my little Night Elf Rogue to preserve all that work I'd done to build her before I levelled up a Worgen Rogue. HOWEVER! I could not access ANY of the armor that my rogue had on the other server.

So I couldn't test to see if the level 110 version of the armor is the only set that is broken. I believe this to be the case.

All of the armor in question shows up on the chars in game and in the character selection screen. So this is "just" an armory issue. But it's annoying.
<--- Same here.

This character is completely naked, minus her artifact weapons. Even though it is a bug, I'm not complaining if you know what I mean ;)
The Armory is not inside the game but rather part of the website. It has a different forum where its issues should be reported.

Website Bug Reports

(There is already a blue-tagged thread about this there.)

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