Heroic Argus Sales

Hello Garona Friends,

I am selling Heroic Argus kills on PL for 300k. I take gold on several servers. My group runs several times a week. If you are interested, add my btag: Kevin#110720 or whisper Lifewalker-garona in game.

We stream the runs on twitch.tv/kevinramm!

I just did a run with them after shopping around and the whole thing was quick, easy, and organized. If you're looking to find a good boost I definitely recommend this one!
Had a great run with these folks tonight. Everything I expected and more. They know what they're doing and they communicate well so you know what is going on at all times. Makes life easier for me because I'm not a raider and would otherwise never have been able to get this achievement, the kill, the loot, and the experience. Highly recommended.
Had a good run with them. Got the AotC achievement. Glad I went.
I got exactly what was advertised and everything was run very professionally. If you are in the market for this, I would recommend this group.
I'm also selling the Mythic Guldan mount a few times a week for 2M. Get it before the drop rate goes to 1% next expac!
Running out of time to get the bird!

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