Where is Ozzie?

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
I'm just coming back. I've tried other games but they haven't given me the community I remember from back in the TBC/WoLK days on Scarlet Crusade (not a PVP server). My strongest memories were semi-organized PvP/raids led by a Shadow Priest named Ozzie . Does anyone know if he's still around or if people still do this type of activity? He'd take 20-60 of us into the Alliance home cities to thrash their royalty or into AV to stomp the Alliance back into their cave for 15 minutes. I've seen some of this in GuildWars2 but it hasn't been as fun as Ozzie. Some of my real life friends and i still laugh about those times, years later. Maybe that's the mark of a great leader or maybe that was a feeling overwhelming advantage through raid-level gear and coordination.

Can I find this in WoW today? We found him organically through a friend-of-a-friend or General Chat. I've read several posts about the Looking For X system decreasing the need for Guild or server community. Or, people doing dungeons and not even talking with each other.

Maybe I need to find a nice guild? Or, a different server? I'm going to try for three months and see if I can get back some of this type of nostalgia.
I'm afraid the old community is just about gone. I still have a few contacts left from those days, but I don't even see them very often.

I did see Ozzy fairly recently, out and about. I do not know if he has led any of those great PvP excursions for a long time, though.
I found Ozzy last night! I'm going to get up to 110 then so how things feel here. Thanks for the response.
You're welcome! Good luck!
I used my boost on a highmountain tauren shaman and I'm mostly playing him now that I'm back for the end of Legion and start of BfA. If you see me around on this character, my shaman, or my Alliance monk (most likely my shaman) feel free to say hi.

My shaman's name is Pachuk and my monk is Letraatus
Alive and well sir!! =)

Come hit me up on Scarlet Crusade! Still here and dishing it out!! Not as much world Pvp, but raiding with a great crew in Average at Best!

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