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You're definitely not the first person to rage quit lol. In HFC I was in a guild that was progressing backwards every week. It was insane. And one night we kept wiping to Mythic Iron Reaver, that's how bad it had gotten. So I just lost it and ya. Quit the raid, quit the guild.

Also, Eonar is a joke. So idk how you screw that one up.
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Is your next argument that groups that don't copy other guild strategies are bad, too?

No my friend, my next point is that everything you've said has been quite amusing and there is nothing to accomplish trying to speak sense to you. Best of luck.
01/31/2018 07:55 PMPosted by Taldrath
Our guild was doing heroic antorus and through the repeated attempts on Eonar I was getting increasingly frustrated and annoyed by our lack of progress and I had to mute the sound so I wouldn't hear the conversation as i knew it would just rile me further.

We finally got Eonar down but by this point I was fed up with my presence in the raid but stuck around for Portal-Keeper since they wanted to try an attempt or two to see how the fight was on heroic. After the first wipe there I was done and decided to back out of the raid before I got angrier and did something I'd later regret.

Yes, it was a ragequit. I still feel bad about it and i'm reluctant to get back on and potentially be chewed out for it.

But was it wrong to do so when I was that annoyed? Should I have just stayed with it or was it better to just leave and calm down?

Assuming this is your main, I do not think you should be so worried about wiping even if it was on Eonar. True it is one of the easy bosses, but somethings are more difficult for different people. Either find another guild or learn to also put forth input on what was going wrong. If you feel like you cannot share information (due to RL/Officers not wanting you to speak) with the group then your guild is going nowhere and should jump ship now.
If you think you are mismatched in skill with the rest of your guild and do not want to carry, then you really should bow out and find another guild. Its really that simple. There are guilds clearing mythic now, and there are guilds progressing on normal; find one that matches your skill and gear as you perceive it, and see if they will give you a trial.
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I really don't mean this in an attacking or rude way, but if your guild needed to progress on H Eonar then you need to find a new guild.

Most pugs laughed through that from the beginning.

Different players progress at different rates. That a guild is progressing shows they're putting effort in and, if anything, that's a reason to stay.

Leaving mid raid is really !@#$ty. If you leave mid raid you are effectively quitting your static and guild, you don't take that back. However there is no reason for them to stay if they are that far ahead of the group in terms of ability.

They should have finished the raid night up and then left, or perhaps identified that they weren't a good fit for the guild in the first place and left before their anger started to boil. It's unlikely that their anger manifested from a single raid night at a level enough to make them ragequit unless they are an 8 year old tossing a tantrum or some adult child who isn't a good fit in ANY raid group.
Had that feeling on heroic coven.
We finally got past it after I'd say 40 wipes and have been one shotting it ever since.

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