964 ILVL Guardian Druid LF Mythic Raids

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As the title proposes I am a 964 average Item Level Guardian Druid, I have gear for my Balance spec, however their single target seems pretty weak right now so I haven't played it that much.

I am having a very hard time finding a Mythic Raiding guild as I have recently moved to Germany for work and not wanting to wake up at 0200AM or so to raid.
I would be interested in any guild raid starting at or after 0800AM PST, however the earlier to that time the better.

I am not opposed to any server swaps, and am open to starting another class/spec as well.

Would appreciate anyone that has any information on raids at this time, if you have any questions contact me on this post or at Warglaive#1947 thanks!
Would also be open to faction change, looking for any guild in mythic raid. Can be casual or more hardcore, just want to get back in to raiding, I am 11/11 H and used to raid Mythics in the past.
At 966 ILVL currently now, and a much strong Balance spec.. Still looking for any information on a raid time between starting between 8AM PST and 2PM PST.
Appreciate any information, thanks!

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