[US-Illidan] Ele shammy - LF Raid Guild

Guild Recruitment
Ele shammy from Illidan-US looking for Heroic/Myth progression.
Currently at 945 iLvl, came back after a 6month vacation.

I do have a mic and a working discord.
Btag: Morfs#1734

LF Fri/Sat/Sun raiding days, but depending on offerings I can change my schedule.
I run a raid you may be interested in here are the quick notes:

~ sat & sun raiding; 2pm-5pm est
~ small raid team ~30 people, 6 year old guild, same core
~ focus on good paced progression @ 5/11M
~ alliance pvp mega server, Kel'Thuzad
~ no call outs or finger pointing or shaming in raid, issues handled privately
~ weekday mythic+ farming
~ many 'retired' hardcore raiders who have limited play time now

We're a mellow group of 20-40 y/o where everyone is a familiar face.

If that sounds good hit me up @ realID - trinks#1866

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