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Moon Guard
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There is no big banner, or enlistment sign up. There is only the word of mouth, the occasional holler and welcoming words. The words of a group of like-minded men and women all sharing the same roots gathering in Stormwind, happy to have a home, eager to serve, and grateful for what they have been given.

There is no grand military order here, or a great house or noble name. Here there is a group of people: survivors and non-survivors, refugees and strays, those of the north and those from far off lands. There is no great purpose here, or driving goal. There is only one thing in mind - to live, to treasure what there is, and thrive on what will be. For life! For the spirit of Lordaeron! For the Alliance!

Who Are We?

The Remnant of Lordaeron is a collection of orders and civilians brought together by a shared background and purpose from the kingdom of Lordaeron. We make our home in Tyr’s Hand, though we are often found in Stormwind, serving the Alliance and aiding its mandate of the day.

It is a medium to heavy RP guild that encourages personal growth. We value player integrity and accountability along with a healthy slice of creativity and fun. Guild RP ranges from the day-to-day walk ups (we enjoy those) to plot heavy guild storylines that comes with a Roll System that encourages individuality and the occasional crackpot idea.

OOC wise the guild is made up of mostly players that have outgrown the "wild meme spam" phase. While we do have the occasional bad joke, plenty of dad jokes and horrible, horrible puns, we don't really spam memes and for the most part, guild chat is mostly mellow and chill. If you are a wild memer-type, this guild may not be the best choice for you.

The Remnants outside of holding a large civilian sect, plays host to a number of in-guild orders.

The Holy Order of Lordaeron
Information: http://remnantoflordaeron.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2680306
The Holy Order of Lordaeron is an order of women and men that serves the Light. Where the Silver Hand of old is exclusive only to paladins, the Holy Order welcomes any and all who are willing and wish to serve the Light and Lordaeron.

The Archivum
The Archivum of Tyr’s Hand serves as the relic hunting, lore keeping and magical researching branch of the Remnants. Members here are either those who love ADVENTURE (*whipecrack!*)or those who are content to spend their days in the library.

The Talons
The Talons is an undercover order of spies, assassins, information brokers and more similar to Stormwind's SI:7 that are loyal to Lordaeron and work secretly with the Remnants of Lordaeron.

The Easthaven Militia
A para-military group focused on the protection of Easthaven.

How to Join

Easiest way: File an app @ http://remnantoflordaeron.shivtr.com/

Harder way: Mix and mingle with our members and earn your way in.

All of us are always willing to answer any and all questions pertaining to the guild!

Admission Information
Guild Website: http://remnantoflordaeron.shivtr.com/
Moon Guard Wikia Article: http://tiny.cc/RoLRecruitment
This is just what my wife and I have been looking for!
Dang kids keep asking me if I know the way. Gosh darn-it which way!?!
.... Must not... Respond...
Weapons training coming down! Everyone get your weapons ready!
Returning to the fields to delve deeper into undead mystery!
Something something the death knight keeps getting 'HOLD MY BEER' moments.
Tea hosted by our lovely priestess! Please leave beer and weapons by the door.
Nice bunch of folks.
Guild meeting this week - time to do something about that undead base in the south.
Dum de dum de dum.
The meeting ends...and the paladin almost punches the unliving daylights out of the Acherus speaker. WHEW.
In which an undead bastion will be assaulted...we need some siege engines and rental gnomes.
Thank Light we have somebody who can work with machines.
Meeting this week~!
Cool guild + Great public events :D
Thank you!

Tonight - WEAPONS TRAINING...and friends it seems!
An image from a meeting of all the churches from a while back! The Magus Senate of Dalaran is helping with a slew of their mages!
A lovely bunch a cocanuts -- I mean people. Yea people :)

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