8/11m 1 day/wk guild LFM

<dmyb> is a new, 1 day a week guild on US-Illidan looking for other players who wish to push mythic progression on a very light schedule. The guild is composed of current raiders in top 10 US guilds on geared alts and a variety of close friends with mythic experience.

Our goal is to be as efficient as possible with our limited time. We are ultimately a casual guild, and we are very understanding of our limitations.

Our raid times are:
Saturday 7:30-11:30 server time (CST).

We are currently looking for the following classes/specs:
Resto Shaman

However, we can essentially accommodate ANY DPS as many of our players are capable of swapping characters based on the current raid comp.

If you are interested in applying or want more information, add Overclocked#0001 on discord or Overclocked#11923 on Bnet to chat.
Just picked up first 6 bosses on Mythic in 3 hours of raiding, still in need of 1 resto shaman and a few dps of any class/spec.
sent a friend req on battlenet. actually have a 964 equipped rogue in my current guild that would also like to get into mythic. will be on tomorrow. hopefully we can chat then. :)
need a few more ranged to kill coven dont b shy
Will dh work?

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