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About Me
I've been playing WoW since 6.2.3 and have raided mythic ever since. I'm currently a first year college engineering student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. That being said I can assure that time is not an issue. I'm relatively active (on classes I enjoy playing) outside of raid when time allows and will only miss raid under extreme conditions e.g. night exams :(. You can rely on me to make sure that tanking is the last thing your guild is worrying about during progression. I will call for my own CDs by name and by healer name if necessary. I will generally have any necessary CD rotation pre-determined for any fight that its necessary i.e. Maiden.

Future Plans (Antorus/BFA)
I am NOT looking for a one tier thing. I'm looking currently for a guild that I can play whatever suits me and the group best in the current tier. If BFA allows it I am looking to have 3-4 tanks geared and raid ready at any notice. The most important thing I'm looking for is the ability to main swap between tiers (not during) and have that not be an issue (unless its like Warrior tank in NH). For those whom are wondering those classes would most likely be DH, DK, Monk, and either Warrior/Paladin. Druid is not fun (as of now).

11/13 M HFC (DK)
9/10 M NH w/ 250+ wipes on Guldan (BrM Monk)
7/9 M ToS w/ 400+ wipes on KJ (BrM Monk)
11/11 M ABT (BrM/DK/DH)

Guild Requirements
  • Horde Preferably
  • 11/11 M Minimum
  • "Tank Class Flexibility"
  • Core Spot (no 3rd tank etc.)

  • Any day of the week is fine
  • Start later than 6 EST and end before 1 am EST (Sun-Thurs)
  • No less than 3 and no more than 4 hours/night
  • Hard cap at 4 nights/week
  • Morning raids will only be considered for Sat/Sun guilds
  • "Late Night" will only be considered for Fri/Sat guilds


Contact Information
Please add me on both platforms below so I can respond as soon as possible.
  • Discord: Examples#3876
  • B-Net: PureExamples#1479
  • I will likely not respond to posts below.
still looking for guilds :)
still searching
searching for guild still :)
still looking for them solid guilds
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<Bench Raiders> is a new guild with player experiance of 8/11 mythic, 6/11 and 4/11 mythic experience to raid together on tue/wed. We also have high mythic+ teams with 4k+ Score. We are looking for the last few people to fill spots.

We raid Tues/Wed 8pm-12am CST

Discord: Boo#3672
Still searching
still looking for a guild
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still looking
Still looking for a tank.

Short Version: New Raid Team w/7/11M experience. 2 night schedule.

Obligatory spam link:

Still searching
still searching
Hey Goriona, come here us out. We're 10/11M and raid from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes SUNDAY from 9pm EST to 1am EST.

This is the link to our thread:
>>>>>>>>>>>>Please be wary for anyone looking to add this raider.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you are below US100 he will use you as a stepping stone since it was his goal. We picked him up when he was 2/11M attempting to app to US100 guilds but it didnt work out. We brought him in, got his additional kills, and now he is looking for a higher guild.

Just be aware that he might do the same to you. I would recommend putting a freeze on his gear for a couple weeks to make sure he doesnt bounce with something valuable to your more dedicated raiders.

If you have any questions you can contact me on Discord: Symmone#2172
Still searching
still looking
Friday and Saturday 8pm-11pm CST


Recruiting a tank for core spot.

Add Gub#1148
Name: Positive Mental Attitude
Faction: Horde
Server: Tichondrius
Progression: 9/11M ABT
Core Raid Days: Wednesday/ Sunday
Core Raid Times: 6pm - 10pm PST(Server Time)

About Us: We are a close guild looking to push through mythic and enjoy our time while we do it. We enjoy joking around and having a good time. And when it comes time to raid, we buckle down and down bosses.

What We Are Looking For: We are looking for players who want to help progress through mythic end game content. We ask that people applying know the current content up through heroic, and have gear that is suitable for mythic progression.

Current Needs:

Any class.

Hunter (MM)
Mage (All Specs)
Warlock (All Specs)
Monk( windwalker)
Warrior(All specs)

Resto Shaman
Disc Priest

If I did not list your class, please don't hesitate to contact me. We are always recruiting more people. If you have the skill, and the competency to raid at a high level we will gladly bring you in.

Apply on the Website, then you can contact me in game via BattleTag, or character whispers. I will also be checking this post frequently.

BattleTags/Character Names:

Ironicks#1316 - Ironikx, Ironickz


We look forward to hearing from you!

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