961 Marksmanship Hunter looking for change

Guild Recruitment
1. Times available & time zone: 5pm-11pm EST Monday - Friday, Anytime on the weekends.
2. Server preference: East coast data centers (I.e Thrall, Zul'jin, Area 52, etc)
3. Faction preference: Horde
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore
5. Current progression/experience: 11/11 Heroic Antorus
6. Recent logs (if available): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/24327067
7. Contact info: M1sUnDrStOoD#1751
8. Anything else: I feel I have room for improvement and looking for the right environment to thrive
Hi Maldren!

Animosity is a solid raid team currently working through heroic. Our core leadership has years of top raiding experience. We raid Saturday and Sunday 7-10 pm EST and are seeking some more range dps. I am interested in talking to you.

Add me on Strixx#1136 to learn more and ask questions. Thanks!
Discord: https://discord.gg/G9KKdts
<Bench Raiders> is a new guild with player experiance of 8/11 mythic, 6/11 and 4/11 mythic experience to raid together on tue/wed. We also have high mythic+ teams with 4k+ Score. We are looking for the last few people to fill spots.

We raid Tues/Wed 8pm-12am CST

Discord: Boo#3672
<Witness Me Senpai> is a semi-hardcore heroic raiding guild on the combined realms of Drenden and Arathor.

Our raid days/times are as follows:
Tuesday, Thursday, Monday – 8:30 to 11 pm EST

We are looking for people who:

Love raiding and pushing themselves to do better?
Simultaneously compete and co-operates with the rest of the team as we tackle content.
Can maintain at least 80-90% attendance?
Are laid back and mature.

We are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders capable of learning and mastering content on a limited schedule.

We expect individuals to be ready, willing, and attentive in raid when it comes to; knowing encounter mechanics, developing and deploying strategies, responding to criticism, and creating an enjoyable raiding environment for all.

Expectations for Applicants:

Discord is a MUST, as this is our primary means of communication.
We expect that you make the majority of raids and inform us on Discord or BattleNet when you CANNOT make one, or may be late.
You should be very knowledeable about your class and spec, and current progression fights planned for the raiding week.
Your gear and experience are expected to be near the current level required for our progression.
Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism.

Since the guild’s creation in January 2016

Hellfire Citidel – AoTC
Emerald Nightmare – AoTC
Trials of Valor – AoTC
Nighthold – AoTC
Tomb of Sargeras – AoTC
Antorus, the Burning Throne - AoTC

Our Current Recruitment Needs:
While recruitment is open for all classes, we are specifically interested in the following classes/roles:

Druid – Guardian
Warrior – Protection
Monk - Brewmaster


Druid - Feral / Boomkin
Mage – Frost / Fire
Hunter BM/MM
Priests – Shadow
Paladin - Retribution
Shaman - Elemental
Demon Hunter

**All exceptional DPS and healers should feel free to reach out!

*Food / Flasks / Enchants / Gems are provided by the guild.

Officers to contact:

Andruin (RL) at: Drellik#1301
Jillseponie (GM) at: Jillseponie#1907
<Meh> is a newly reformed guild looking to dive back into mythic as soon as possible! With a strong core of members who are already 6/11 M experience. 

We are looking to recruit more ranged i.e hunter, ele shaman (no boomkins). As well as a Mistweaver monk / Disc priest.

Our goal is to be a end game mythic raiding guild consisting of like minded people and players of similar skill with a dedicated mindset to get !@#$ done but also enjoy playing together as a team and most of all...having fun! Many members in the guild have been playing for over 10 years and have obtained countless cutting edge achievements.

Outside of raid we enjoy playing other games together and farming M+ until our eyes bleed. We help all members of the guild complete their weekly 15's on time.

We strive to be a friendly community with an environment that encourages positivity and discourages negativity and toxic behavior.

If you'd like to join us on our adventure fill out an application under the #recruitment tab.

Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm cst

Message midnah#1811 to apply.
Hey! I think we may be able to provide you exactly what you're looking for, I've sent you an add (Savage#1589), here's a quick run down:

Server: Area-52
Raid: Tuesday-Thursday 7 PM EST - 10 PM EST
Progression: 2/11M (7% Wipe on AHC)

If you have anymore questions or wanna talk about the opportunity, give me a shout! Thanks, and good luck with your search!
Hey Bro We are Area-52 2/11 Mythic raid 8-11EST Tues/Thurs. If your'e interested let me know. George#1122
Hey, Maldren! We are currently recruiting DPS. Ranged would be preferred but exceptions can always be made for the right individual. We look for players who are self-motivated, driven, strive to improve themselves, and are looking to be a part of a great raiding atmosphere!

<Special Treatment> - 2/11M (High command at 2%)
Horde - Hyjal - (PvE server- Well Populated)
Raid days/times: Mon 7:00-9:30p.m & Tue/Thu 6:00-9:30p.m (PST)

Please add me on battlenet if you are interested in recruitment: Slyx#1862
02/02/2018 10:34 PMPosted by Maldren
1. Times available & time zone: 5pm-11pm EST Monday - Friday, Anytime on the weekends.
2. Server preference: East coast data centers (I.e Thrall, Zul'jin, Area 52, etc)
3. Faction preference: Horde
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore
5. Current progression/experience: 11/11 Heroic Antorus
6. Recent logs (if available): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/24327067
7. Contact info: M1sUnDrStOoD#1751
8. Anything else: I feel I have room for improvement and looking for the right environment to thrive

I think this might be somthing you would want even tho its not what you pregernce is...

<Bench Raiders> is a new guild with player experiance of 8/11 mythic, 6/11 and 4/11 mythic experience to raid together on tue/wed. We also have high mythic+ teams with 4k+ Score. We are looking for the last few people to fill spots.

We raid Tues/Wed 8pm-12am CST
Off Nights we focus on highend Mythic+ aswell as bg's/RBG's

Discord: Boo#3672
Hey there, we raid half an hour past your preferred times. If that's non-negotiable, I understand and wish you the best of luck with your search. If you're flexible, <Use Your Imagination> is currently recruiting core spots to push Mythic Antorus and beyond. We are a semi-hardcore two day guild currently in need of ranged DPS. Current prog is 5/11M Antorus (7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 9/10M NH, 5/9 M ToS legacy). We are located on Zul'jin Horde, raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST (server time). If you are interested, please add AliasNode#1351 or Hak#11191 to Battle Tag. We look forward to hearing from you!
Hey there, I'm looking to start a mythic guild on Horde-Area 52 because I'm currently 9/11 Mythic on my main and will be killing Argus soon, so like many people who play WoW, I'm addicted to raiding and want a side project guild so I can continue raiding mythic. I brought a handful of friends who were mythic raiding over to the guild. We're still filling our roster but we plan on full clearing heroic here pretty soon and aim to jump into mythic as soon as we can.

- We're currently looking at 2 nights a week, probably on weekends to start.
- Looking for an OT and Ranged Dps/Healers.

My personal progression:
I went 10/11 M in Nighthold, 6/9 M in ToS and currently 9/11 M ABT.

If you're interested please comment below, or feel free to add my btag below!
Valid, on Zul'jin, is 11/11N and 11/11H and we're getting ready to start pushing mythic. We're an adult guild that likes to get together two times a week to raid and then do mythic plus keys and occasionally some random BGs on the other nights of the week. Our raid times are 8-11pm Eastern Tues/Thurs. Ideally what we're looking for is strong ranged dps that can pull good dps while still doing mechanics and a strong resto shaman. We also need ranged that is capable of doing higher level (+15 & up) mythic keys.

Our raid group is laid back and our loot system is extremely fair. We're a group of raiders and friends that have raided together for a while. Some of us have been in the group for just this expansion and some have been together for several expansions. We're looking for long term members that can contribute to what we've built. We're an all adult guild so we don't put up with drama. Our group consists of young adults and college students to older older married people and some older military. Talking, joking and cutting up is fine in Discord and guild chat but we want you focused up when it's time to pull the boss. Plus, don't be easily offended. We're not politically correct and tend to say whatever funny !@#$ crosses our minds.

If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in joining or learning more about, then add my btag (Heybo#1284) and hit me up in game.
We seem right up your alley, check us out https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759245823?page=1
Hello, Maldren!

Our guild is looking for a new Hunter to round out our core raid and, if our raid days/times work with you (which looks like it fits perfectly), we have a core spot ready. Here's some quick details about us:

<Horizon> - Horde guild on Kil'jaeden
• Currently 2/11 M Antorus
• Main Raids are every Tuesday and Thursday at 8-11pm EST.
• Alt Raid is every Sun with tentative time (calendar)
• M+ groups ran before & after main raids and Sun afternoons
• Guild is made up of professional working adults seeking to clear the latest content and maintain a consistent 20-man core for mythics.
• Please fill out an application here at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJQ8IHrNCikpJUkaaDosOmK_98s9sh0In2q4iviKO6UT1uAw/viewform
•You can also reach out to anyone in the guild with questions or these officers:
Dtff: Selekt#1403
Lachdannon: Guts#1679
Kigermage: Kiger#1358

Good luck with your search and hope to hear from you!

I'll be on Bnet for most of the day. Hit me up anytime.
If the raid times are negotiable, we are an east coast guild needing more progression driven players to smooth out our Mythic team. I believe we could be a good start in the right direction for you.

<Blöödbath and Beyond> on Ysera is recruiting to push Mythic raid content! We are currently 9/9N ToS, 9/9H ToS, 2/9M ToS, 11/11N Antorus, 11/11H Antorus, 1/11M Antorus

All Raid Ready Applicants Will Be Considered!

Server: Ysera Faction: Horde
Raid times are 10pm-1am EST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday!

We are a close knit group that wants to work together to down content. Attendance for raids needs to be maintained at a high standard for this to happen so before you apply be sure you can make the times! Real Life happens and we get that as long as Real Life doesn't happen every week on a raid night.

We want players who will research their class and be an overall asset to the raid team. If you can't handle some criticism or advice on how to better yourself to down a boss or pull better numbers you will not last long on the raid team! We want to succeed as a whole and down bosses, and to achieve this we need every raider to pull their weight and do their part!

Casuals are also welcome if you do not wish to raid, but be in a friendly and fun environment.

Current Needs:

Resto: LOW
Guardian: LOW
Boomkin: HIGH
Feral: LOW

Blood: LOW
Unholy: MEDIUM

Holy: HIGH
Disc: HIGH
Shadow: MEDIUM


Demon Hunter
Havoc: LOW
Vengeance: LOW


Prot: LOW
Holy: HIGH (Ret OS)
Ret: LOW (Holy OS)

Brew: LOW
Wind: LOW
Mist: LOW

Prot: LOW

Resto: LOW
Elemetal: HIGH
Enhance: MEDIUM



You may apply at
You may also add on BattleTag to talk directly.
IcedDarkkaos#1731 (Myself, add first)
[H]<The Early Shift> [7/11M-ABT | 11/11H-ABT} 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild Now recruiting for a 2nd raid team <The Late Shift> [ 2/11M-ABT]

US - Bleeding Hollow/Horde

About TES:
The Early Shift is a raiding guild that was formed right before Legion. Our goal is to become one of the best 2day guilds in the US! The leadership of TES has been around since Vanilla, and has a vast amount of high end leadership experience.

What you can expect from us as a guild:
- Strong/passionate/driven leadership that doesn't give up.
- A sense of community and direction.
- Communication.

What we expect from our trials:
- Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge for raid.
- Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community.
- 100% attendance during 2 week trial.
- The drive to improve personal play.

Group A - The Early Shift - 7/11m-ABT
6 hr/wk Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST
Thursday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST

Group B - The Late Shift - 2/11M-ABT
6 hr/wk Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST
Thursday: 7:30PM-10:30PM EST

What we're looking for:
We are ALWAYS looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best. With that being said, we have a few classes in HIGH demand:

Group A:
- Windwalker Monk
- Discipline/Shadow Priest
- Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
- Hunter (Any Spec)
- Mage (Any Spec)
- Rogue (Any Spec)
- Warlock (Any Spec)

Group B: LFM to make the push into Mythic!
- Tank (Any Non-Warrior)
- Holy Paladin
- Resto Shaman
- Exceptional DPS (Pref Ranged)

Very active guild, lots of mythic+ at all times. Couple of raids outside of "Main Raid" normal and such.

How to apply:
If you're interested in joining The Early Shift, please leave an application on our discord recruitment channel : https://discord.gg/x7VJUhz

Any other questions, please contact me via BattleTag:

Guild Master (Zhamy): Zhamie#11997

We appreciate your time and interest. Best of luck with your search!
[H]Pogs Anonymous - Two day raiding guild.

Current openings:
Caster DPS - High Priority on Mage, Warlock, Spriest.
Healer - Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin - Looking at exceptional applicants of other classes.

These are starting roster slots. We try not to recruit for the bench.

Current Progression -
30% on Portal keeper with less than 5 pulls.

Raid Schedule -

Tues - 7:30-10:30est Reclears / Progression
Weds - 7:30-10:30est - Flex night for alts or mains wanting Heroic clear. (This night is optional)
Thurs - 7:30-10:30est Progression

Our group is laid back and clicks well so a good attitude is a must. We have a wide range of experienced players from cutting edge raiders to more relaxed raiders. This guild was formed to be a good combination of both while focusing on progression with a main focus on enjoying the game.

We use RCLoot council for loot and expect applicants to go through a few weeks of trial period.

All exceptional players regardless of class are encouraged to contact one of the officers listed below. It is our preference that you come geared and mythic ready, however if you mesh well with our group we will work with you on heroic runs/mythic plus runs to get you the gear you need to be up to par.
Logs and experience are always a plus.

Whisper me if this sounds like the guild for you!

Kyawa (battletag Kyawa #19928). Discord: Kyawa#9817
Prazx (battletag Prazx#1971). Discord: Prazx#5726
Hey Maldren,

We're in need of a hunter for our raid group/ Currently 3/11M on the Horde side on the Undermine server. Raid times are 8-11pm EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays. We also do off night raids on Wednesdays and actively doing Mythic+.

Here's our full recruitment post -


Can hit one of us up, if you're interested.


I look forward to hearing from you!
Drakondia (Hyjal) is looking for reliable and dedicated players who are interested in pushing Antorus. We offer a laid back 18+ atmosphere that pushes for progression.

Were 7/9 M before Throne, and are currently 5/11 M.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs - 7-10 pm PST (10pm-1am EST)

Recruitment needs:
Boom, Shadow, Hunter, Lock

If your interested in joining or would like to set up a time to talk, please contact one of the following officers below.

Averínn - Averinn#11429 (GM)
Jenkemjunkey - jenkemjunkee#1880 (Officer)
Ovenproofju#1318 (Officer)
Abistol#1535 (Officer)

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