5/11M Imonar XP Brewmaster LF Guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking to push into a more serious environment. Prefer to tank on Monk, can switch if the fight relies more heavily on other tank (Varimathras/Aggramar Warrior DK, etc.)

Looking for a serious guild chasing Cutting-Edge, especially going into BFA.

All of my tanking logs are on my Prot Warr, switching to Monk to more comfortably tank in mythic. :


Things to know about me :

  • I have a full, deep understanding of all mythic content, strategies and mechanics. I have a long history of being a raid leader, and pushed to 4/11M as a raid leader.
  • I can make practically any time.
  • I strive to perform the best that I can.
  • If I like your guild enough, I will consider transferring.
  • I like to have a fun environment, but a serious one when needed.
  • I would prefer a weekday raiding guild that raids at least 10-12hrs a week.
  • Contact Info : Tacothunder#1263
    Add me, would love to speak to you about a core tank spot with us (Savage#1589), here's a quick rundown:

    Server: Area 52 (H)
    Raid: T-Th 7 PM EST - 10 PM EST
    Progression: 5/11M (Some pulls on Imonar)

    Let me know, and good luck in your search!

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