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Prot Warrior Looking for a guild to raid with that starts raid on or after 9pm EST. Currently 926 ilvl with 4 piece T 21. Would like to find a new home that is serious about raiding and wants to grow to mythics but is okay with starting in Normal and working the way up there. I also have a friend who is looking to raid as well, he is willing to either tank,DPS, or heal, he is geared and willing to do whatever the guild needs.

Past Exp: Wod: Highmaul - 6/7 M, BRF - 7/10 M, HFC - 10/13 M
Legion: ToS 8/9 N, Ant - 8/11 H

We are very experienced raiders who took small break and is looking to get back into the swing of raiding. We communicate well and take the game very serious and are NOT looking for an ALT guild. We want to progress and get as far as we can before BFA.

Please let me know if you have spots and are looking for tanks and dps.

Btag: Nyrro#11352
Monday Fun Day want to find something for next week.
Reset day!
Hi, I added you on bnet. My guild is called <Decerto> we are 11/11 H and we raid Mon, Tues, Weds from 9-midnight EST. Add me if you want to chat. Rokjinu#1764 We're alliance if that's a deal breaker.

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