7/11M Arcane Mage LF HORDE raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
971 Arcane mage in need of a good home. I'm house-broken and know a couple tricks here and there. We need times no earlier than 10:30pm EST and preferably on weekdays.

Current guild is stepping down from raiding after Mythic Kingaroth due to irl life changes. May potentially have a couple others with me: Frost DK, 1-2 Aff Locks, and maybe a Rogue

Looking for a current 7/11M minimum (sorry not re-doing progression)

Mage Btag: DanielCheng#1455
The Bloodborn is currently a Heroic raiding guild that is trying to break into Mythic progression raiding. We have a talented core and are very enthusiastic about raiding, but unfortunately we lack the numbers to attempt Mythic.

A little history: The Bloodborn is a guild that has been around since The Burning Crusade. We started on the server Lethon, and transferred to Illidan at the start of Warlords in an effort to find more players on a high-pop server.

We have earned AOTC during every raid tier this expansion (and before!). We are a close knit guild who help boost keys every week, PvP together, and do achievement hunting and much more.

We are willing to help people gear up for the tier. Voice is optional, but we use Discord and will require you at a minimum to listen.

Guild Needs:

Off Tank
2 Healers (Priest/Shaman/Druid(preferred))
DPS (Rogue, Death Knight, and ranged are preferred classes)

Raid Times
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 12:30am-3:30am Eastern Time.

Contact Info
Battle Tag- Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader)
Battle Tag- Berd#11168 (Guild Officer)
Battle Tag- Khrispy#1471 (Guild Officer

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