Welcome back to Hell(scream)!

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
The day has arrived, it's launch day! ...and now we are all desperately trying to kill the next 2 hours and change so that we can begin the leveling grind. FOR THE HORDE!

Acquired Taste Gaming Community is a social gaming Community that brings together the people behind the keyboards. Started in 2009 as a World of Warcraft guild, the Community transitioned into a Discord Community two years ago and has flourished ever since. You are a unique individual in our laid back Discord home - our emphasis is on how well you mesh with our environment & the other people in our Community.

We are mostly adults aged 25-50 who indulge in a variety of gaming/nerdy interests including (but not restricted to) World of Warcraft-while juggling life & other offline responsibilities.

Community events are scheduled as EST timezone events- typically we're active in various games from 5 PM to 11 PM EST. As our Community expands with BFA, these start and end times are shifting to accommodate more hours.

We are always recruiting friendly people who are looking for a home - people who enjoy kicking back and gabbing with new friends over a fun game.

We are currently a home to many couples/women/LGBT folk - we welcome one and all.


Warcraft: We are Horde on the Hellscream/Zangarmarsh server merger (Sauuurrfaaaannggg!) You are not required to be on our realm at all, but welcome to transfer there if you'd like bank access. We utilize one of the new Warcraft cross realm communities to keep everyone in touch while in game. If you're looking for a Guild of 200+ names so you never ever have to PUG and see green text all the time, we won't be an in game fit. There's a high amount of self-sufficiency in the in-game WoW life with us - people log in on their own schedule and work on their own projects while contributing to the guild bank and organizing small hangouts (dungeons, LFR, etc) via Discord.

Right now we are filling slots towards two Sunday AM raid teams; schedule of Sunday AM, 10 AM to 1 PM Eastern Time Zone, normal/heroic raiding.

When Community size allows we will field a third raid team, evening, most likely weeknight but specific day of the week TBD.

Team Periwinkle: Looking for DPS of all flavors.

Team Purple: Looking for a healer, DPS of all flavors, open to another tank.



We utilize Discord not only for voice communication but also as our "cloud-based chat hub and site", with multiple labeled channels that see activity throughout the day on a variety of topics: hobbies, music, general day, pics, and more. With Discord easily installed on computers, laptops, phones (and accessible on tablets!) - it's a great way to engage the community no matter what game or activity you are doing. By primarily emphasizing the Community and Discord activity, we are able to create an environment understanding of having an array of gaming hobbies OR the little amount of gaming free time with the priorities and responsibilities of life. **I can't stress this enough- but making attempts to engage and get to know your community members is part and parcel of membership-don't engage, you'll end up removed.** Our entire Community hinges around engaging each other utilizing Discord chat- and learning people as a unique person, to the point of using their first names.


Community Events

We have Table Top Sim/Overwatch Nights that rotate every other Monday, and Heroes of the Storm hangout on Thursday evenings - these all run about 8/830 PM EST to 1030/11 PM. Games (of various flavors) are how we spend time with friends - with AqT, it's YOU that is important, so your Discord/Community membership is the key to keeping you with us, even as people burn out on games, games enter dead periods, etc. I like to paint the Community as a group of friendly people hanging out in a room with a variety of games at different tables - you can move from table to table and have fun!


If you're intrigued, add me on Discord at Sifner#8890 - once I add you, drop me a line and we'll see if we are a fit. If things go well, I'll shoot you a link to our quick informational application and we can go from there.

If you're a group of friends, a husband/wife duo or a fragment of a raid team looking for a fresh start, feel free to also get in touch!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

3/19 Updated the OP. It's excellent getting to know new people!
4/13- Updated OP, recruitment needs, game nights, and more!
5/12 - Updated OP, game nights/etc.
BFA hype intensifies.

I just want to reiterate to contact me on Discord at Sifner#8890 over messaging me on my toon or messaging someone in the Guild - it is the most effective way to get me- and the quickest!
7/22- Updated the OP! Welcome back to the game, people/associated warm bodies.

Enjoy respeccing toons and emptying bags in preparation for filling them with new junk in the expac.
8/13 - Updated the OP as I spend the last hour and change rolling around like everyone else , staring at Magni & wishing he would give us the gdamn quest already!

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