Tank looking for weekday raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
935 prot pally or 945 blood dk

Would prefer to stay Horde but will go ally if needed. Willing to server transfer anywhere.

Looking for a guild progressing in normal or heroic.

Prefer semi-casual but open to anything.

Can raid Sun-Thurs 7-12 est but can be a bit flexible on times.

Main is 2/11M and I'm just looking to relax on my off time

Throw me your bnet so I can message you, if you send me to a website to apply then we probably won't work out.
Put "one stop shop" at the top of your message so I know you read this.
Edit list:
Added faction preference
Added server availability
Added time zone
Hey, Berchilled! Feel free to chat with one of the officers, copy pasta of our recruitment below and officer contacts.

Greetings! <The Last Haven> is looking for more to join us in Heroic Antorus and beyond!

We are a small group that has been raiding since the beginning of this expansion. We orginally started as a reroll guild and have evolved in to this laid back raiding guild. We treat the guild and its members more as a family and typically enjoy other games together outside of WoW. Many of us are older and former hard core raiders.

Our small group is currently at 8/11H. We currently raid Thurs/Sun 9pm-12am server(EST). We have completed all previous content with AOTC achievement. We are looking for:
-Tank w/ offspec DPS
-DPS (ranged preferred)

Feel free to contact one of our officers:
Zaz#11995 (Zãx -officer)
Valsion#11231 (Valsion -officer)
Saps#1310 (Wuwoo -GM)
one stop shop. Apparently I'm the only one that read your message ;) Not sure if you're looking for your main or just your alt.

Recruiting for this tier and BFA

Short Version: New Raid Team w/7/11M experience. 2 night schedule.

Obligatory spam link:


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