Tips to get rep for allied races

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Hi guys,

I see a lot of people distressed about the rep grind so as a casual (who even had a break for three raid tiers) I thought I'd provide you a quick overview of what I do to keep it manageable (I'm nearly there for the four of them!):

- complete quest story lines (gets you revered or close to in all cases)
- keep an eye on WQ chests. You get nearly 2K rep per completion (chest rep + quests)
- do follower missions that award tokens and make sure you have 200% where possible for the 750 rep bonus award.
- save rep tokens for DMF week where you get the 10% rep bonus, and also do WQs when you have the buff (it's on now!)

... And that's it :]

Hope it helps some of you out there.

Good tips. Doubt many will bother to read your post, though. Much more fun to complain.
Thanks :] I should have them all unlocked by launch.

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