Why can't Lightforged Draenei be Monks?

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Let him be a monk if he wants to be a monk. That'll bring the monk population up to 8.
02/09/2018 07:07 PMPosted by Flexbro
Because the lightforged have been fighting the Legion for the past 25k years. They've had absolutely no contact with the pandaren whatsoever in that time and have all chosen their respective classes long, long ago.

Except the one Lightforged candidate we meet before the trials, the draenei meme-machine himself; T'paartos, is from Dreanor. The Lightforged are recruiting from Velen's ranks of Azerothian/Outland draenei.

There's no tangible lore reason they shouldn't have access to all classes. The Lightforged are so limited in classes to assure they don't eclipse and replace their original draenei cousins.

It's probably a good choice.
Yeah! I wanna be a lightforged Draenei!!
Monks are weird. Like you see some space goat monks in BC areas and dungeons, but they use holy spells, Scarlet Crusade had/has monks, yet the only monks we have are the misty panda type using monks. I'd love to have an inscription item that turned all my spells into holy spells.
When I tried to make a lightforged monk, it says requires Mists of Pandaria. I have that expansion so I don't understand. Will we be able to make one when BFA comes out?
I could understand the argument of 'they just got off the ship, they weren't here before' but there are two issues with that.

1. No reason an Exodar draenei monk or shaman couldn't become lightforged.

2. Why do the Nightborne, who have been under a bubble for 10k years, get monks but Lightforged don't?

Currently, lightforged have no leather classes at all, so I feel like they should get moniks. They also only have five classes total which is pretty low.

IMO they should make LF monks and HM priests to give them missing armor types as well as bump their playable classes up to 6. I don't feel either would be too odd.
The character you play as a lightforged has been the class you play them as for thousands of years. It would be like taking a level 110 paladin and trying to turn them into a monk. You can't class change in wow.
02/09/2018 07:14 PMPosted by Walburgha
Because you can't do horse stance with goat feet.
I beg to differ.
LFD should only have two classes, priests and paladins. if you thought regular dranei were a little bit churchy...
02/09/2018 07:16 PMPosted by Naltalia
Because LFD and VEs were the last allied races to be thought of.

LFD have the worst racials and even worse class choices then regular draenei, its pretty obvious they were a complete afterthought.

Now this is wildly untrue.

They were the first. Horde was going to get the Void Elves, and the alliance, the Lightborne. The removed content in WOD points at this as the case.

They were reused, and in an irritating way, reused in the same faction, when it's pretty obvious that they should have been in opposing factions.

My only thought is that as they developed Legion, and BFA, they realized that they were going to make Sylvannas go right into evil mode and giving the Horde "evil" elves and the Alliance "good" draenei, that it wouldn't be fair.

Likewise, we would have seen the Nightborne go to the alliance, and the High mountain go to the Horde, and there would have been people burning the universe over that as well. (consider that the Nightborne are sheltering druids escaping the nightmare, and that the connection to the Belfs is pretty tenuous, especially when it was druidic magic that healed them...not the light. Plus they see themselves as night elves - they have connections and history with the living elves - and it would have made a huge amount of sense to have them be a druid option too...which is impossible due to faction imbalance right now)

Anyways...yeah...they're not an afterthought. They're literally EXACTLY what they should be. You just shouldn't have void elves. We should. And they were SUPPOSED to be Alleria's old troops that went with her to Draenor and were corrupted by the void (you can even see how this happens when you do the nightborne scenario and Alleria is randomly there for no reason other than to show how the Rendorei scenario would have looked).
There's no reason why they can't, Blizz just doesn't want them to be.
Better question is why can't they be shaman?
08/07/2018 09:47 AMPosted by Kojiro
The character you play as a lightforged has been the class you play them as for thousands of years. It would be like taking a level 110 paladin and trying to turn them into a monk. You can't class change in wow.

We literally see them train a new batch of lightforged in the recruitment scenario... and that's your character. Sure you can think in your headcanon that your character is a veteran but doesn't change that playable Lightforged can just be new recruits.

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