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It states that Insurrection needs to be completed and here I am on my main, whom I played a lot a few months back and is a little over 15000/21000 into the rep but when I go check the 'cheev progress... Literally every objective is grayed out for some reason? I have every portal but one in Shal'aran and I remember the Waning Crescent stuff and it, too, is greyed out as an objective.

Am I doomed here? Is it bugged?
You need to be exalted as well as have the achievement.
Care if you link some screenshots? and see if there are is any quest marks on your map?
Anything in your log?
Yea the only Suramar quests I have are getting to exalted and then doing something in the arcway.

^ My achievement, somehow.
Okay then, you're not finished with the Good Sumaritan / Nightfallen but not Forgotten Questline. If you can link me those.

The insurrection questline begins as you restore the Arcan'dor tree. you'll begin the insurrection questline as soon as you finish with that by plugging up leyline holes through Suramar.

I also recommend to look through this quest guide to see where you might be missing some quests:

Ugh. What a chore. I thought I did more than that.
Worth adding to that, for the Insurrection achievement, because it confused me even with the guide (probably because I'm a skimmer), after completing certain steps of the Insurrection achievement you seemingly don't get any more quest pick ups from the nearby NPCs and it looks like you've hit some kind of weird dead end.

Those are the points that you return to Shal'aran and there's a quest to feed the Arcan'dor tree fruit to a refugee.

There isn't any obvious indication in game that this is what you need to do, however. I mean that in the sense that it won't straight up tell you to head back and do that or, if there is, I completely missed it.

I ended up finding it by accident when my thought process went, "Maybe I missed something and it's back in Shal'aran?"

Once you do THAT then you get the next set of quests started for the achievement.
Yea so "A Growing Crisis" is not spawning on Farodin for me. Do I need to do all these raid quests?
01/31/2018 12:34 PMPosted by Kiur
Yea so "A Growing Crisis" is not spawning on Farodin for me. Do I need to do all these raid quests?

You meet Farodin at Shal'aran and he gives you the quest, then you go to the temple.

You'll need to make sure you do the raid and dungeon quests/ they are part of the storyline and reward a huge chunk of reputation. either start a normal run you'll regularly find that people will hop on a normal tmog run. Maybe takes 15-20 minutes of your time if you recruit high ilvl people.

I simply queued for Rift of aln and finished the raid quest.
Does it work in LFR?
01/31/2018 01:12 PMPosted by Kiur
Does it work in LFR?

Yup, LFR works perfectly. thats how I got my warrior via tank queue. If you can't get an LFR queue, an LFG normal transmog run is the perfect bait for a carry. (Long as you accept anyone ilvl 900+)
Okay, progress is being made. Just dealing with the leylines and getting real lost, youtube be damned. Getting there though.

Can't wait to be lost and confused during the Insurrection.
01/31/2018 01:37 PMPosted by Kiur
Can't wait to be lost and confused during the Insurrection.

If it helps, I recently did Insurrection and it seemed much more straightforward than I remember Good Suramaritan being.

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