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Hi there,

I returned to the game last November, from a break that started in 2008. Currently, my character stands #5 among DH tanks and #27 tank overall in my server, per Raider.io

As a member of the top guild in my server, I get to watch a good team raid heroic and mythic content without me. They cannot be blamed, as they have been a team for a long time and they have their regulars already. They are a fantastic group of people who have even offered to carry me through some heroic runs as dmg and gear me up so I can be a DMG class. I frankly do not wish to take this path, given the fact that I do not enjoy the DMG gameplay, I had already abandoned my hunter at lvl 72 and my Rogue (Naxx 40 Clear raider) at lvl 83

Raiding Experience: in the past, A LOT, mechanics, frustrations, impossible-to-kill bosses (Nod to Kael in TK), but that was a long time ago, 2005-2008. I have acquired experience in ToS and ABT. I'd like to find a raiding guild that has a heroic group or is advancing through it in order to go into mythic content and clears.

I realize I am late to the show, I reactivated this account 10 weeks ago and I was shifted to another server.

My situational awareness is very high and I can adapt to any set of circumstances. I am a team player in RL and in-game and I don't ever get angry at a game, it is for relaxation and a challenge, of course.

I enjoy astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics and world economics.

Contact me in-Game: Vajna#1715
<Meh> is a reformed guild looking to recruit players for current mythic progression as well as BFA.

We are looking to recruit more ranged i.e hunter, ele shaman (no boomkins). As well as a Mistweaver monk / Disc priest.

Our goal is to be a end game mythic raiding guild consisting of like minded people and players of similar skill with a dedicated mindset to get !@#$ done but also enjoy playing together as a team and most of all...having fun! Many members in the guild have been playing for over 10 years and have obtained countless cutting edge achievements.

Outside of raid we enjoy playing other games together and farming M+ until our eyes bleed. We help all members of the guild complete their weekly 15's on time.

We strive to be a friendly community with an environment that encourages positivity and discourages negativity and toxic behavior.

If you'd like to join us on our adventure fill out an application under the #recruitment tab.


Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm cst

Message Midnah#1811 to apply.
Cool beans, I will contact online.

Be well

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