Destruction viable?

Hi All,

Just used a 110 boost on a void elf warlock. All I see all over the forums is affliction is the way go. Is Destruction a viable option at all or just stick with affliction.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Why would it be unviable just because it’s not the best?
Destruction is 100% viable; its just not head and shoulders above everyone else like Affliction.
Affliction is amazing and probably a little overpowered. That doesn't prevent Destruction from being a quality spec at all though.
Sigh some people..every spec is what's fun to you.

You can literally watch stream upon streams of raiders and every raid will have a different top dps.
Destruction is fun! Do the Fel fire quest to make all you red flames green. Affliction is better dps and more mobile but so damn boring! gah, get used to purple swirly rope (drain soul) since that and seed of corruption is the only spell effects you will ever see.

Destro has tons of flare and flamboyant fireworks and is a bit more fun IMO
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Is Destruction a viable option at all or just stick with affliction.

More than viable as everyone above already said. But since you boosted your toon and it's a completely new class for you, destruction might prove harder to master than affliction.
If you mean in terms of PVE, destro is competitive with affliction on ST fights (Worldbreaker, Kin'garoth, Varimathras) without the huge RNG swings in DPS. However destro lacks on multi target fights like Eonar or Coven compared to affliction. It's not like you cant play it in mythic raids though. I do.
Destro is definitely viable but it has literally 0 advantages over Affliction even in its strengths. It's the "why aren't you Aff" spec, because any fight its top tier on.. Aff is super top tier on. Then there's the whole Aff heals itself so there's no need to move for most mechanics/takes pressure off the healers thing
Aff is king now, my gut tells me destro will be favored in BfA because blizz will want to let another spec sit the throne and demo will remain crippled if it's still master summoner oriented.
Just hit 110 on my Aff lock this morning, and the first thing that happened was some BG's without even getting any better gear or maxing my artifact weapon. I was able to be in the top 5 for damage and would have more kills than death.

Aff is in an amazing place at the movement. I am still demo at heart with this character though. However, will likely stay as Aff with how good it is.

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