How's the Emberstorm Battlegroup?

Cairne and Perenolde
Please correct me if I'm compeltely backwards on this and Battlegroups aren't even a thing anymore. If they are then....

How's PvP in Cairne's battlegroup?

I'm looking to transfer some characters to Cairne/Perenolde however I'm not sure if my current battlegroup is worth leaving on my pure PvP toons. I understand Emberstorm is one of the fairly new PVP megaservers, so there aren't too many experienced players. Or so it used to be.

How does Horde compare to Alliance?
Do people have problems following direction?
How are the queue times?

I'm transferring from the same battlegroup Darkspear is included in (same as Perenolde, however not Cairne). So you get why I'm concerned about something so "trivial".

Thanks guys!

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