(A) LF 7-10p EST Heroic Guild for BfA

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Hey all, I'm a long time Horde player rerolling Alliance for the remainder of Legion into Battle for Azeroth and looking for a mature raiding guild focused on Heroic content to call home. Mythic is a plus, but I no longer have the time or desire to do the grinding necessary to really push hard.

I'm an experienced player comfortable in all roles, but prefer healing or ranged and would be happy playing any of the following classes/specs.

DK: Any
Paladin: Holy, Prot
Priest: Holy, Shadow
Druid: Resto, Guardian, Balance
Shaman: Any

My most recent/relevant logs are from Nighthold on a Holy Paladin and can be found at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21060342/11/#partition=1&metric=hps&bracket=16&compare=1

My availability is (EST)

Mon: 6-10p
Tues: 6-10p
Wed: 7:30-10p
Thurs: 6-10p
Fri: 6-11p

Weekends are always going to be iffy for me. I usually go away to visit my parents about once a month and have a large family, with a lot of birthday parties, living in the area. I'm normally around but it wouldn't be fair to anyone for me to commit to a weekly scheduled run. Also, unfortunately, going past 10pm is a deal-breaker for me; I have to be at work at 6am every day.

If you think I'd be a good fit, please leave a reply here or contact me on Discord (Scoopi#9836) or BNet (Dawnblade#1173).

Thanks for reading :)

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