Best MMO Mouse 2018?

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I use the G600, best mouse I've ever had.

Super useful in other games too, I use it for quick item access in league and quickscoping in CSGO.
I use the Logitech G502. 11 buttons on a mouse is about as much as I can handle. I like that the 3 thumb buttons are spread out so I can't fat finger them. The side to side on the mouse wheel for strafing has much more solid feeling clicks than others I've tried that felt mushy. I also like the add on weights to give the thing some heft.
I use a full 42 button keyboard mouse.

In each hand.

Plus I have a telepathic connection to my computer.

Makes spamming arcane explosion much more efficient.
Related share here. I have hand problems for years and I find the tiny Logitech laptop mice to be great. Easy to hold, easy to click 2 buttons, plus the mouse wheel clicky. I find a lot of the “gamer” mice to be to big, to many buttons, and just hand exhausting.

Another share the Logitech g13 is great but only left handed. Now if I could get Logitech to make a Right handed one too.
02/08/2018 01:37 AMPosted by Vice
Logitech G600 (wired)
$41.00 (+ $25 for the mouse bungee. So $66.00 total)
8,200 DPI
Membrane buttons...but this is one of the highest rated mice on the market. The Logitech G600 has a very solid build with 12 very distinct thumb buttons plus another button where your ring finger rests. I would say the main difference between the Razer mouse and the Logitech G600 aside from the G600 having an extra that the G600 buttons are easier to navigate because each row of buttons feels distinct....where as on the Razer mice all of the rows feel about the same.

I've used these for years. The middle button is actually three buttons too, you can press down and to either side. I have my mount and autorun bound to them, plus a third for a cooldown usually.

They only last a couple years before I start having issues, usually its double clicking/cursor skipping, one of them the middle button got worn out and I had to really force it to get it to work. But given that I use it every day for most of the day(I work from home), I'd say a couple years is pretty good.
I'd love to use an MMO mouse, but I'm purely fingertip grip which impedes by ability to use them. Too heavy, made for palm or palm/claw hybrid grip.
I love Razer's designs, especially the Deathadder. Fits me like a glove. But their QC is not very good. Every mouse I've owned has broken or developed significant issues within a year - 2 years, and they are nearly impossible to properly clean.
For the price, I'm in love with the G600. Though my biggest complaint would be the location of the buttons, I have small hands so reaching buttons 10-12 is really impractical. The extra ring finger button can be bound to CTRL, and then that saves me some finger gymnastics on the keyboard.
The g600 is best and you can get it cheap when it's refurbished. i've had extremely good luck with the build of mine though compared to other people. One of my friends got a refurb where the mouse buttons were totally destroyed
I started with mmo mice back when the naga was the only one on the market
However unless one of the other mice has a third click by now uh, none of the others come close
02/19/2018 08:38 AMPosted by Larannas
The extra ring finger button can be bound to CTRL, and then that saves me some finger gymnastics on the keyboard.

don't do this just bind a different set of g-shift keys so you can still use ctrl modifier on the keyboard. it's as dumb as binding the g600 thumb keys to 1234 instead of numpad 1234
i wouldn't know what to do without my G600
Naga hex v2 all damn day.
Others have mentioned but I'll also chime in: G600. It's amazing.

The third mouse clicker was weird for me at first but I use it for push to talk and its great for that. I dont know what I'd do without 12 buttons on the side. It's perfect as WoW hotbars have 12 buttons.
Never wireless.. Transmission lag and charging issues.
Does anyone know if the Redragon M990 work with a MAC? I play on a Macbook Pro and am looking for a good programmable mouse.
I use the Epic Chroma wireless since it released. Still going strong. No issues and only use it for WOW. My other gaming and daily driver mouse is the g900. The g900 never loses a connection and is the best wireless mouse out there. Those saying only wired mice are only good well the g900 pretty much destroys that term. I also have the Blackwidow v2. People can say what they want and it's all personal preference but it's a great and clean keyboard and it does the job especially with the rgb lighting if into that.
I've been using the Scimitar RGB for a little over a year now. No issues with the sliding button panel coming loose.

My only complaints with it the software likes to just stop working occasionally, forcing you to run a repair. Not very often though. Also the texture on the right side of the mouse grip, as well as the wheel tend to trap grime off my hands. But I have grimy hands, so keep that in mind.

Other than those two things it's very comfortable to use and I've loved my experience with it.
02/19/2018 09:23 AMPosted by Wolftrakker
Never wireless.. Transmission lag and charging issues.

never had any lag issues and charging? lol. how do you have a cell phone?
I have a Corsair Scimitar Pro combo-ed with a Blackwidow Ultimate v2, love them both generally :)
Good mice for tiny, weak fingers?
The one which is most durable

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