Small guild looking for others to run with

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
HAND OF VENGEANCE is based on the feathermoon, We are a small guild, but have been around for awhile. We are also a group of real life friends but are short on people to run mythical raids and dungeons. we are pushing to do this and looking for a few good people to join and run with, we are oler guys all in out 30's or older, we have family's and such....with that said, we love to cut up, talk crap and have fun...we dont want a bunch of pricks or know it all's, dont mind to get some ppl in to help run and gear up, please have a few lvl 110's and around 920 item lvl......message me if interested, thanks have a good one.
I am guildless and would be happy to join your cause.

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