Poll, gate playable race behind rep, Yes. No

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No (I have the rep)
Yes. Maybe if you nay sayers would keep up with the development info you would be able to have allied races by now.

Edit: until BfA is released
No, but seriously I am half way to exalted.
Eh I think the rep should be grindable (doesnt the one dungeon give you argussian reach rep? Seat of the triumverate? If so it is grindable, just keep resetting it and running it again) so people that are really into it can get there, but im fine with it requiring exalted.
but I think that revered is enough rep to get what an idea of the race and understand their story.
Doesn't hurt. We'll all get exalted one day, and i'm sure they'll remove the requirements in the future. Once people stop playing around on the broken Isles and argus

Why yes?
Because I have to keep up the appearance of being evil
I’m exalted with all the races and have completed the quest lines and I still think, no. Gated content isn’t fun.
I meet all the requirements.

Yes or no only?

Then, No.
No. Rep grinding seems to be the only game mechanic that Blizz knows anymore.
Hell yes!....Wait that was for the cake right?

I'd rather see cool rewards be a part of more difficult challenges like mage tower-esque activities.

But if the rep is hard to obtain rather than mindless easy peasy WQ's or mission tables, then yes.

I'd say yes if you could just grind for them, but with the way it's additionally limited with a daily cap it's just another way of dragging out content.

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