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Sorry if this is duplicate; I couldn't find another post. I just started hitting argus on the first 110 in a while and I was dismayed that the ore farmers in Petrified Forest hijacking groups problem is not better, but *worse.* I started a group to see if anyone would join me in killing the 3 demons, releasing 10 prisoners, etc. groups and I was continually bombarded every 45 seconds by a rotation of the same 6-7 or so tank/healers all sitting in Petrified forest(far away from the quest area). I knew what they were doing, so I immediately uninvited, but someone else would rejoin 15sec later. This continued even after I moved to the Xenedar/Shattered Fields area until I finally got fed up and delisted my group.

Surely I'm not the only one dealing with this annoyance. I can't put these players on ignore because they are from random servers, but they pretty much prevented me from being able to find a group for any of these quests.

ore farmers in krokuun hijacked my lfg continuously.
*update* 3.5 hours from this posting. I have yet to have anyone except now about 11 ore farmers join my group, now pretty much in rotation.
Unless you're taking on the mini-bosses like the one imp mother or some of the bigger elites, alot of that stuff is soloable similar to wqs back in the Broken Isles. It's just faster for most folks to do it alone assuming they are even doing wqs at this point for anything more than an emissary chest.

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