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Hey all!

My friend and I are coming back after a little break (stopped shortly after raiding a little bit of Tomb). We have been playing on and off since Pre-BC, and are now at the point in our lives where we need a new guild to call home.

With the boosts and new leveling system, we are happy to play whatever, and we will have them decked out and ready to go in time for BFA. I have mained a Warrior since TBC (you can check the armory page of this character), and he prefers to heal. His most recent healer can be found at (he hasn't logged in for awhile, so not showing up on Armory).

So, in short, we are willing to play any class. We really just want a good home that will be pushing content in BFA with a strong community. We plan to get started leveling as soon as we find a home, so we may even be ready for some tail-end Legion raiding. *Note - we really want to raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, if possible.

Please feel free to contact me here, or at SneakyPotato#1441. I look forward to hearing from you!
Hello uglash! Tldr - impulse is 11/11h with raids Tuesday Wednesday 730-1030 pacific. We are all about having the right people to have fun while progressing through content. More info can be found -

I'll add you when I get time, but you can reach me any time thru discord- Abscynth#5749. My btag is earthwyrm#1108. Good luck in your search, hope to hear from you!
Sorry - can't do Wednesdays :(
Also, would prefer 11:30 PM EST as the cut off time for raiding ending :)

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