Server merge/mass character transfer plz

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
so i was looking at the stats for our server and noticed that it is very low population and could possibly benefit from a server merge.. there are about 14-15 low pop rp servers similar to Kirin Tor and i feel like they could all really really benefit from being merged into maybe 5-8 high population servers depending on how you would want to do it, maybe make a few high population and a couple medium, but there's really no reason to keep the servers at low population it just makes queue times a lot longer than they need to be and all the guilds i join a pretty much dead so it's a lot harder to get into raiding normal+. maybe if a merge isn't an option the devs could put up a free character transfer event to/from some of these low population servers because i'm sure that would either allow for the community size of these servers to grow pretty fast or people like me that want a higher population server could just leave without having to spend an absurd amount of money on character transfers. Thoughts??
It would be nice to have a higher population for a better chance at there being a mythic raiding option. There are 50 guilds that raid normal+ according to or

We do get sorta merged in the world with Earthen Ring as I see them in the world.

They would never let you transfer off a low-pop server for free. They only ever free transfer off of full pop wait time servers.
I totally agree. I personally feel scammed by Blizzard.

They promised an MMORPG, and these servers are litteraly EMPTY and DESERT, with some of the content REQUIRING group actions. Well, all this content is not available / accessible to people from our server, because there's litteraly none that can join you and help you through it.

When I subscribed I expected to see players all over, questing with me, maybe fighting for a mob kill and making new friends as I kept exploring the world game.

Well... All of the above never happened and more than once I had to abandon quests because I couldn't do it by myself and there was none around.

And what's Blizzard answer to this? Buy a character transfer.
So they fail in delivering a product/service and I have to pay to fix it?

Unfortunately we are not enough, and hence we won't be heard, but I'll keep repeating this as long as I have the chance: Blizzard needs to give people in low populated servers a free character transfer.
I see players from all the other RP servers that aren't merged with us around all the time (Argent Dawn, Earthen Ring, etc.).

There is also a Looking For Group Tool that can form groups from all of WoW to defeat anything you want. Right Click a quest you are tracking and Find Group.

Also, Blizzard won't read realm forums and use it to take action about merging servers. It may get traction in one of the other discussions like general.

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